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science fiction romance, cyborgs, genetic engineering, military romance, donna mcdonald

Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined

Book 4 – Coming Soon

Excerpt from the next book in the cyborg series… 

“Information I once considered critical is stored in private files. I kept records to protect myself from those who threatened to seek my death if I revealed what I had done. Evelyn 489’s records are what the military would refer to as strategic leverage.” Eric leaned back in the chair. It was nothing Peyton and Kyra hadn’t imagined, but having it confirmed was still an eye-opening experience. “Brad, I need you to give me immediate access to your personal files for Evelyn 489. That’s an order. You are programmed to obey me.” He was amazed as he watched Brad frown and turn back to face the monitor before stopping to stare off into space. “No,” Brad said finally. Eric’s blood pressure shot up instantly at the flat refusal. He straightened in his chair. “No? Brad, I am definitely going to seek your death in the next ten seconds if you don’t deliver every piece of data you have on Evelyn 489 and all those other female cyborgs to my private com. I will be looking for the same level of detail in all forty-two files that you’ve demonstrated exists about Evelyn 489.” Brad turned to him again and started blinking rapidly. Eric saw his eyelids flutter, opening and closing. One eye twitched with the effort. A flashing blip appeared in his gaze as his pupils widened. Brad developed a tic in his left eyelid. It was like watching someone have a seizure. Then suddenly whatever was happening simply smoothed away. It left behind a nodding, solemn cyborg who turned calmly back to his keyboard. “My apologies, Eric 754. I have self-corrected my programming malfunction. I will now deliver all files to you as requested. Is there any piece of data you would like me to flag for immediate attention?” Eric snorted again. Apparently, Brad’s hearing needed checked too. “Yes. I want the file with Evelyn 489’s real name flagged.”

Excerpt from NEXT GAME I PLAY… “You’re not listening, Max. I hate, absolutely hate, cheaters. Any wish a guy has for an ‘open relationship’ is a total deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think I should have to share a man’s attention with all the other women he decides to date. No woman should have to share. Dating and relationships are about loyalty for me. Physical fidelity should be a damn given when you’re sharing a bed with someone.” Max put his hands in his pockets, trying to look as if their discussion was casual, but it didn’t feel that way to him. It felt like they were laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding. It felt like Taylor was laying bare her soul by sharing her fears. He hadn’t expected anything less. “Where you’re concerned, I don’t want to share either, Taylor. And I can’t remember ever being jealous of having a woman’s complete attention before I met you. You’re the only woman I’ve kissed in months. You’re the only woman I want.” Taylor fought not to roll her eyes. “You’re not worried about me dating other men. You’re just challenged because I keep turning you down. I know it probably doesn’t happen to Wicked Wad often, but that’s what going on here. Go ask out one of your hockey groupies if you crave adoration. I know how it works. You probably slept with a different woman after every game and had the envy of every guy you knew because of it.”

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