A Howling Success

Jezibaba Saga, Book 3

Written for the LOVE SPELLS Collection

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Moona knows she’s a wolf, but there’s nothing in her life worth howling about.

Werewolf healer Moona intends to make the former Jezibaba keep her promise to help her discover why she’s never been able to shift. Born under a blood moon, her parents named her for it. She owes it to her parents, their memory, and the sexy alpha of the pack who hasn’t given up on her to keep searching for answers.

Her birthday is coming soon. Those significant decade ones can sometimes be magical. Maybe this year her favorite wish will finally come true.

Does she have a future with Jared as his mate? Will she ever lure her wolf out?

Moona doesn’t have the answers yet, but she won’t give up until she’s a howling success.

Moona isn’t giving up until she’s a howling success.


SERIES: Jezibaba Saga, Book 3


LENGTH: 33,409 words

RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2018

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