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Being a living experiment wasn’t the scientific career Ariel had planned for herself.

Despite her sharp scientific mind and her degree in bio-molecular genetics, Dr. Ariel Jones hasn’t figured out how her life changed so much in a single day. Before she can blink and ask about what is going on, she is injected with a billion nanos and some very potent wolf blood. 

Now she can suddenly turn into a giant white wolf with the bloodlust of a starving animal. And she’s an alpha…or so she is told by the even larger, very male, black wolf who was used to create her. Hallucination? She wishes. Whether human or wolf, Reed talks in her head and tells her how to handle things…or rather how to kill them…starting with the men who hold them all captive. Too bad he can’t tell her how to put her life back like it was.

Admittedly, there are perks to being a werewolf, such as meeting sexy werewolf guys like Matthew Gray Wolf. Science labs aren’t overrun with sexy men in white coats. She also doesn’t mind learning about a side of herself she never knew existed. It’s great changing into a real wolf whenever she wants, but being a living experiment wasn’t part of the scientific career she’d planned for herself. Neither was falling for the local werewolf alpha, but what else is a newbie werewolf caught in her burning time going to do?

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If you enjoy paranormal stories with smart, sexy, sassy heroines who know how to kick butt and takes names, action packed drama that will leave you breathless, and suspense that will leave you with more questions than answers long after the last page is read, then Ariel, the first book in Donna McDonald’s new Nano Wolves series, is definitely the book to read. Ms. McDonald is off to a great start with her new series and I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.  ~ Black Raven of BlackRaven’s Reviews, rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read

Ariel Rocked! I loved the concept. The characters were well developed and the storyline was fresh. Finally, something different from the same-ole, same-ole paranormal story. Donna McDonald nailed it with Ariel. Paranormal Romance at its Best!  ~Deb, HEA Romances with a Little KICK, rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read

”Ariel is a fast paced paranormal romance. I couldn’t put it down! I really enjoyed the story, and I finished this book fairly quick. The characters were each unique in their own way, and I loved each and every one of if them. Donna McDonald is a new author to me, as I haven’t read her other books, but I’m so glad I found her amazing stories! I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series!”  -NetGalley Reviewer

“I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!!! I literally read the entire thing within 24hours!!! It was exciting, supernatural. Sciencey and funny. I actually laughed out loud a number of times (especially about the boots) The heroine really took the change in her stride and adapted quickly, instinctively knowing her priorities have shifted, she’s no longer a scientist but an alpha werewolf with her own pack too. It really highlights how different people react to loss, whether it’s family, friends, life or oneself and how we change and shows that what we think would be our breaking point is in fact not and we can cope with far more than we realise.

Also love the Sex scenes, it’s a bit like fifty shades of wolf 🙂 hahaha! But on the whole this was a fantastic read and look forward to reading Brandi (book 2).” -NetGalley Reviewer

“I really enjoyed this start to the series! Definitely a nice change in comparison to most shifter romances.” –NetGalley Reviewer

“I read a lot of shifter books and found this one to have a nice change to the story line. I hope to read more about these new werewolf women. What would you do if you were drugged then injected with a serum that turned you into an alpha wolf shifter? ! That’s what happens to Ariel and her pack. The way Ariel handles it is amazing! I love her spunk and how she handles everyone around her. This book is a 5 star for sure. I love a good alpha book and this thing has 3 of them. Would I reread this book? yes. Absolutely! Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I loved it.” –NetGalley Reviewer

“I have a new favorite author to follow!!! The premise for this trilogy – nano werewolves – combines science fiction with paranormal, and the result is explosively amazing! Author Donna McDonald is exceptionally skilled at combining believable dialogue with a descriptive background, ultimately forming a tight web of subtle foreshadowing, gut-wrenching plot twists, and smooth flowing story arc. I fell in love with her characters in Ariel, and I am absolutely dying to continue their journey in the next book in Ms.McDonald’s series!!!” -NetGalley Reviewer

“This was a good new point of view for a werewolf series. A scientist uses technology to create 3 new female werewolves. Quite sexy and a wonderful love story, books 2 and 3 have some great potential. Love the characters, the tension and the setting.” -NetGalley Reviewer

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SERIES: Nano Wolves, Book 1

FORMAT: ebook

LENGTH: 60,519 words

RELEASE DATE: February 2015

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-1-939988-24-9

PRINT ISBN: 978-1-939988-25-6

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