New Release – Heidi: Nano Wolves 3

All she wanted was to be a pack healer, but first she was going to have to heal herself…


New Release – More Magic & Mayhem

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Looking for a fun, short read during your lunch hour or while you’re stuck waiting for a doctor’s appointment? Check out the fun books in Robyn Peterman’s Magic & Mayhem Kindle World. Lovers of light paranormal romance with a side of crazy will love, love, love these quick and easy reads.


New Romance Release – Kissing Kendra

Kendra McLaren lived with David Lynx for eight years. Instead of being a bride herself, she’s the Maid Of Honor for his baby sister. This is precisely why she moved out and left the sexy, non-committing hardhead. She and David obviously want very different things from life. The only good news is that after the wedding, she’ll never have to see him again… hopefully.


Kissing Kendra – A Sexy Holiday Romance

In this follow-on to Saving Santa, Nicolas and Megan are getting married while trying to help David and Kendra get back together.  It’s Valentine’s Day mayhem all around.

This sexy romantic comedy is now on Pre-Order and Releases February 16! 

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New KW Release: Touching Topper

Uh… Surprise! LOL  

I didn’t get the word out very quickly, but I have a new release in S. E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico Kindle World. I turned the “Topper” books into a mini-series I named “My Crazy Alien Romance”.  

I have an excerpt available that can be read on the website. Click here to read a sample of  “Touching Topper” Book 2.