Brandi: Nano Wolves 2

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He says they’re mates. She says they’re done.

Agent Brandi Jenkins likes being a werewolf. It’s great to be stronger, smarter, and more sexual. It’s also great being part of family group for the first time in her solitary life. As the Nano Wolves beta, she must protect the other women in her tiny pack. She can’t stop until she learns the truth about who funded the crazy scientist who made them.

Being a living science experiment is not easy, and it’s starting to shift her priorities. Sometimes the new awareness sucks too, like learning her former handler didn’t rescue her from Crazy Crane on purpose. Before she can leave her old job though, a new government apprehension group decides to blackmail her into working for them. She wants to kill a few backstabbers and leave for good, but she can’t. She has no choice except to take the freaking job. It’s the only way to save herself and her pack mates from becoming government pets.

What she can’t do though is ever forgive Gareth Longfeather. The deceptive, lying, manipulative Gray Wolf beta had almost convinced her he was a man she could love and trust. Gareth says they’re mates. Well, Brandi says they’re done.


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Donna McDonald writes the freshest and most amazing shifters I’ve read yet. BRANDI is sexy, funny and so damned clever I couldn’t put it down. ~~ NYT and USA TODAY Best selling author ROBYN PETERMAN


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paranormal romance, werewolves, shifters, genetic engineering, science fiction


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paranormal romance, werewolves, shifters, genetic engineering, science fiction


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SERIES: Nano Wolves, Book 2

LENGTH: 62,962 words

RELEASE DATE: June 9. 2015

eISBN: 978-1-939988-27-0

pISBN: 978-1-939988-28-7

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