Here’s Why I Would Like You To Consider The Store

The web store is a new way for me to protect and promote my writer independence. You could say I’m following the music industry indies in wanting to sell to you directly. I hope you decide to try the store at some point. You are the reason I write. I’m working hard to keep my readers being my true writing motivation.

Reviews are nice and I appreciate them more than you’ll ever know because the sales channels currently listing my books use reader reviews to make decisions about my author value and who gets to see the book. I’ve recently put a lot of effort into identifying those readers on my mailing list who frequently support me with reviews.  

But here’s my epiphany…

Your direct messages telling me my stories made you laugh, or smile, or sneak into the bathroom stall at work to read, are the real reviews. Your name being on my mailing list is the only list I  genuinely care about making happen for my work. All I really want is to entertain you and make you happy with the next book in whatever series you like. That’s what matters to me as an author. 


How Buying From My Selz Store Works

I wanted to sell books directly to my readers for many reasons. For one, I wanted to offer exclusive books. I also wanted to offer special box sets. I wanted to offer discounts to everyone and not have to offer just channel specific specials.

At the moment I am restricting the store to US only sales, but it is my intention to eventually expand to UK, CA, and AU at the very least. I am selling ebooks to start, but also hope to offer things like audiobooks in the future.

By Christmas, I hope to offer a limited number of signed print books for purchase. The number of print books will be very small and the number available will be designated during purchase. Print books involve shipping and that’s something I have to work out. If you’re on my mailing list, you will hear when the signed print books are available.


Helpful Facts ABout Buying Through The Selz Store

  • The store is hosted by It is only linked to my website. Every buy window opens there. Selz provided me with the most friendly purchase and ebook delivery system I could find.
  • Your files are sent directly to you and not stored in any cloud “library” or purchase list at the store. The maximum time limit for you to download your purchase is 60 days from the purchase date. You will have 10 attempts to do so. After those limits are reached, you must repurchase the item to download another copy.
  • If you have a problem with a credit card, or processing through your Paypal account, you will need to talk with to resolve the problem. I will not be notified if a transaction does not go through. Selz handles all monetary transactions. They pay me my portion of the proceeds only after they deduct all fees. This is very much like my deal with all the sales channels.
  • Accepted forms of payment are controlled by which credit cards and accounts accepts. I am working with their defaults. I have opted to accept payments via Paypal as well. I use Paypal all the time and I wanted you to be able to do that too if you wanted.
  • Free books do not currently require you to enter any financial information. They do require that you enter your name and email address for delivery of the confirmation email. For actual purchases, you will be required to provide whatever information is necessary for your credit card sale.
  • Shopping carts and the items in them are saved briefly, but not forever. You may get a reminder email from Selz and me that you left items in a cart. If you still don’t wish to purchase, just ignore the email. If you do, then the reminder is useful. 
  • Discounts expire on the expiration date set for them. Discounts are only applicable to the items on sale and not to other ebooks. Abandoned carts and recovered carts will not be eligible to use the discounts if the original discount date has expired. Please use discounts in a timely manner.

Easily Send Files To Your Kindle

  1. Go to your kindle account.
  2. Under”manage content and devices”, add to your “approved personal document email list” . You should only have to do this once.
  3. While you are there, look up the address for the kindle device or app where you want the file to go. You will be prompted for this address during the download process.
  4. After you receive confirmation from my Selz store that your purchase is completed, you will see a delivery download window. Next to the choice to “download a .mobi” file, you will see an option to “send to kindle”.  If you don’t see this window, there will be a button for getting your purchase in your confirmation email.
  5. Enter the address of your device and press send. It should look something like The .mobi file will be routed to your kindle. Sometimes this can take a few minutes. Next time you purchase a .mobi, you’ll just need the address.

Sending Files To Other Devices

When you choose the option to download an .epub, it will go onto the device where you are making your purchase, such as your iPhone. Whatever program is set to open an .epub file is the one that will most likely receive the file and open it. For example, when my husband made a purchase from my website using his iPhone 6, he reported that the file immediately opened in iBooks. His phone is set to open all .epubs in iBooks. He did not have to do anything to get it there. I don’t know if this is default for everyone, but it seemed very simple for him.

If you send the .epub file to your computer, you will have to look up how to put it on your specific device, such as an Android tablet, Nook, or other ereader. So long as you keep a copy of the file stored in a safe place, you can continue to whatever device you choose to use to read it. The variation between ereaders brands, and among different models within each brand, makes it impossible to add instructions for all of them. My goal was to make sure you could choose to retain a copy you could move as you wished.

Courtesy Purchase Reminder

Selling books is how I make my living. Sales help me be able to continue to write. My sale to you is a trust relationship that you’re going to use the file for your personal use. I’m fine with you moving it to as many devices as your personally own. I would ask that you not share the file. Please purchase additional copies. 


Your download is immediate and my assumption is you are taking advantage of it if you complete a sale. If you feel the need to have a refund agreement in place, please purchase my books from a sales channel with this policy.

What I offer instead of refunds are multichapter sneak peeks of each book which you can download from Instafreebie and read at your pleasure. They are usually greater than 20% of the actual book. In many cases, they are more like 30% of the book. Please go download those for the books that interest you and read them before making your purchase. 

I continue offer several free series starters. This allows you to try the first book in some of the series without any cost to you at all. Please take advantage of these. I have written more than 35 books and I completely understand that reading tastes are subjective. I am that way myself which is why I continue to offer free books so you can try a series before you buy it. 

 Selz will handle any refunds they deem appropriate from problems with transactions. This is at their discretion. 

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