New Look For Art Of Love Series

Here’s the new look for the sexy books about the Larson men. Hope you enjoy it!
(Yes, there is still one more coming… stay tuned.)

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All Michael Larson wants is Carrie and their baby.
He will do whatever it takes to have them.

All Carrie wants is to forget she ever knew Michael Larson.
The last thing she wants is to be a Larson bride.

Now you can find out for free who gets their way.

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Created In Fire Book 2 of the Art Of Love Series

At 34, Michael Larson has made himself into a good man, even if he is still far from being a perfect one. He considers himself at least reformed of his previously bad dating habits. Unfortunately, Carrie Addison, the future mother of his child and the woman he loves madly, doesn’t agree with that assessment. The challenge he faces is how to keep Carrie in life until he finds a way to change her mind.

Despite advice from his meddling family about hanging on to a woman looking to escape him, Michael pressures Carrie into a marriage of convenience. Her indecision about him and the baby is heart wrenching, but Michael won’t let even her doubts stop him. He can’t bear the thought of losing her now that he finally has her in his arms at last.

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I am working on a special promotion opportunity. Beginning June 15 and running for the next three months, Books 2 – 5, as well as the novella Cruising Speed, will only be available at Amazon. The series starter, Carved In Stone, will continue to be free and available everywhere.

cruisingspeedI apologize to the my Nook and iBooks device readers for making these five titles temporarily unavailable to you. Exclusive promotions are not my favorite marketing tool, but sometimes the business of selling books demands such things.

I’ll do another blog article in early September when these titles are once again available everywhere.

Amazon readers will have some unique sales opportunities in the next few months to read all the titles in this series. They will also be available in Kindle Unlimited during this time.

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