The (Boob) Bucket List

I usually use my blog to talk about my books or the books of my author friends, but today is a tiny exception. I don’t know this author personally, but I know her story and totally understand her motivation.

She is writing honestly about a subject that has affected so many women I know. If this book makes you smile or laugh or even count your blessings that cancer has missed you, then this author has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Even at her very young age, she is teaching us how to live with grace.

Check out this refreshing book and be charmed. I’ve included the Amazon link so you could read the preview but I’m sure the book is for sale everywhere.


New Release! Never Look Back Now Available!


Another Feel-Good Book in the Perfect Date Series

Her real life is no fairy tale and she’s no Cinderella. After what her ex-husband did to her, heiress Henna Colombo is a man-hater, not a dater. And the thing she hates most of all is the fairytale of falling in love.



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Want To Read Excerpts From William 874X? Releases July 19

I thought you might enjoy reading several chapters of William 874X. Just click the links in this article. 

Happy reading!

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