Want To Be One Of My Reviewers? Here’s How…

Here’s the bottom line. I choose my early book ARC reviewers from active readers on my mailing lists who consistently open the emails and click the links inside. If a reader is reading all the excerpts and using the book links in the email, that’s a pretty good indication to any author that the reader is someone who really enjoys their work.

About once a year, I sort my email list and make the offer to a range of 30-50 new readers. I keep my reviewer lists small (around 150).

I talk to my reviewers most. They might not hear from me for a couple months, then suddenly I’m emailing them several times over a month. It’s the nature of the creative process. It comes in waves of activity. I sometimes send reviewers emails asking for things–nothing big, easy peasy things. For example, recently I took a heat level poll because my new romantic comedy series is a bit tamer than my normal. I wanted some feedback before I told my characters to close the door–LOL.

What do my reviewers get for their help? They get all the books early, and if they’ve missed one, they can write to me and ask for it in exchange for a review. 

Want to be considered? Here are the links to sign up to my mailing lists. I have two–one for each genre group–so you only need to sign up for the email you truly want. 

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I Love Romantic Comedy list

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I Love Paranormal/SFR/Fantasy

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Live Facebook Interview – Monday Night, April 3.

Monday night, at 8pm EDT, I will talking live with Romantic Suspense Author,  Heather Sunseri.  Heather is going to be sharing a 12 author Romantic Suspense giveaway happening all week. If you’re on FB, stop by and listen to our chat. The interview will be hosted on my “I Love Romantic Comedy” page.

Zen in the Art of Writing


I was determined to make writing time for myself this year and so far I’m getting it, but WOW…

I’m doing mental somersaults trying to keep up with everything. In the background of my book writing, the publishing industry keeps erupting in jaw dropping changes. I find myself wondering how many more publishers will close. How many more authors I know will just stop writing?  

There’s a lot on my mind these days and not all of it business decisions. I’ve been worried about authors who are suddenly falling ill. I wonder if the press and rush and craziness got to them. 

This is year seven of my publishing career. As I look for a healthy balance to keep moving forward, I’m limiting priorities and making more time for myself. My focus is going to be on writing, but I’m slower this time of year. If I were a shifter, I would definitely be a bear so I could hibernate.

My inclination is to be butt in the chair all I can be and write until I’m empty, but my New Year’s promise to myself was to sit less and exercise more. Now when I take a phone call, I stand and make laps around my kitchen island while I talk. I look like a dork making those circles for a solid hour while I’m on the phone, but I’ve learned to flip off the smirking voice in my head making fun of my efforts.

Soon I’ll be posting about some brand new writing I’m doing, but first I’m finishing another “Topper” story for S.E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico Kindle World. Look for it next week. I’ll send out a post.

Hope your New Year is going well!

~ Donna


Top 3 Business Changes I’m Making In 2017

Happy New Year! I hope yours is getting off to a good start.

I’m making some changes and decided it was time to get the word out to readers so these changes don’t come as too much of a shock. Here are the top three. I put the bad news first, just like I used to teach my students to do in business writing class.


Download My Author App To Stay In Touch

Do you love your iPhone or Android phone? I created an author app just for you. Now you don’t need to visit the website to see what’s new. You can see the most important info in the app. It contains the best of my website info and other fun things like pics and a fan wall.  If you’re a person who uses their phone for everything, this is made for you.

At the moment, it is set up with only the paranormal genre books, but soon it will get an upgrade and be useful for all of them. Until then, if you’re a contemporary fan only, you can still use the rest of the features.


Blue BackgroundYou Can Find It In Your App Stores
by searching for “Donna McDonald Author App”




Dealing With Technology Distractions – Interesting TED Talk

Like most authors I know, I spend a great deal of time on social media connecting with my readers. Sometimes I give this effort more time than I do my writing. I don’t mean to do this. It just seems to happen. I could really relate to what Tristan Harris describes in the video. Checking a single Facebook post can turn into hours of time because while I’m there I figure I might as well catch up on all of it… 

I have 1 Facebook Profile (family, readers, friends) and 2 Facebook Pages (one per genre of writing). I’m a member of several groups to which I contribute. I had two Facebook groups which I closed because I just couldn’t find time to keep them up.

I have 3 twitter accounts and am active on all of them. I pin to Pinterest boards, share my blog posts on Tumblr, and try my best to put fun pics up on Instagram about my “crazy after 50” career of writing and publishing. I share on Google+ and LinkedIn. I have 4 email accounts and get over 200 pieces of mail a day. I collect and maintain two email lists of subscribers.

Why do I do all this? I don’t want to miss anything. Not even when I know I should be focused solely on writing. So I totally get what this speaker is saying. I’m all for better technology.