This is a list of planned books and my next “work in progress”.

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Heidi: Nano Wolves 3

Nano Wolves Book 3

Releasing Feb 20, 2017! Pre-Order Now!

Fun fact – I am planning a 4th book because I want to do Reed’s story.

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Heidi: Nano Wolves 3

 Coming In 2017

Something New and Outrageous

I’ve been working on a spoofy, funny science fiction romance series which will release in 2017.
It’s an homage to movies like “Spaceballs” and “Galaxy Quest”.
Book  1 is finished. Book 2 is over half done. I had to make myself stop to do other things.
I’m finishing Book 3 before I start releasing, but when I do, the titles will come out fairly quickly.
I already have Book 4 planned and really this series is endless. More about it later.

One More Kindle World Book 

This will be another book in SE Smith’s Magic, New Mexico series. The premise is that aliens come to the town of Magic which is populated with all kinds of paranormal characters. Lots of fun stories have written for this world. You can see all my Kindle World books here.
The release date for the launch is Feb 2. I’m writing another Topper book. For those of you who haven’t read it, Topper is head witch in the town and an older character.
I end up writing funny, sexy older characters across all my genres. 

New Romantic Comedy Novella Series

My average contemporary book runs between 75,000 and 90,000 words. It takes 3-4 to write and produce a book that size. I decided the answer to giving you more contemporary romantic comedies was to come up with a new novella series where the books will average 25,000 to 39,000.
This idea is still in the planning stages so what I do will be subject to my muse.

Touching Topper

Another Story For SE Smith Fans!

Coming in Feb 2017! Check back for release details.

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Touching Topper


coveredinwoodCARVED IN WOOD

Book Six in the Art Of Love Series

Coming in 2017! Check back for release date.

The entire series is getting a facelift soon.
I have a lovely artist working on new covers.
More about this soon.

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Carved In Wood


 Status Of The NEXT TIME AROUND Series

I am trying to get back to this series in 2017. No promises, but it is on my agenda.

The ebook has been taken down. The print book and audiobook remain up for sale.

I’m sorry to disappoint fans of this series. I’ve been trying to get to these contemporary books for a couple of years. However, I can’t force myself to write a book that is just not ready to be written. My goal is to write both books and put all three back up together.