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If you wondered what a romantic space opera was like, this is the perfect time to try this series. I think you’ll find the characters as funny and entertaining as any character in my contemporary books. I will working on a Book 7 in this series soon.

So boldly go where no man romance reader has gone before and try these science fiction stories. They’re at least worthy of a Star Trek reference. Fans of Firefly will find lots to like in this series as well. I’m secretly hoping Nathan Fillion might play Captain Liam Synar one day–lol. Every writer has to has a dream, right?

The following is a snippet from one of my favorites scenes in The Demon Master’s Wife.

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Ania Looren — BEFORE merging with Malachi

After Malachi disappeared from the mirrors, Ania finished taking off her clothes. She had gotten all but one hygiene strap undone when the demon fire consumed her and she fell burning to the floor.

Solra. Kokum. Ynati,” she chanted in her native tongue, repeating the sacred names of the Creators of All over and over. If she was going to meet them because of this decision, Ania wanted their names on her breath.

The burning continued as she thrashed in agony, but no matter how badly her body hurt or how tempted she was to call out, Ania just kept chanting.

Her mind went dark and she saw herself walking through the void inside her to the other side where there was light. Then there was a brilliant flash and the burning started again, only this time worse. She forgot the chant, remembering it only when she felt herself crying and pleading for the pain to stop.

Gritting her teeth against the torture, she rolled from side to side until her skin glowed in the dark. Slowly she picked up the chant again and felt the burning start to recede at last.

Then she heard Malachi calling to her, speaking in her mind.

We are almost done, he sent.

Thanks to the Creators of All, Ania replied, not sure how she had answered without speaking the words, but pleased that she could do so. It was even more surprising when she was aware of Malachi’s laughter in response. How is this level of communicating possible?

She opened her eyes to see the ceiling of her room and had the realization she was lying naked on the floor. Well, mostly naked. She touched the last hygiene strap, only to rip it off as she lifted it. I am stronger, she thought.

Of course you are. I do good work, Malachi answered matter-of-factly.

Ania groaned and rolled to her side. “Is the change over?” she asked, speaking the question out loud to make sure her voice still worked.

Well, we are aligned and you are healed now. I’m coming out into the room to check how you handle us being separated. Do not be worried about my presence as mist. I will do you no harm.

beautiful woman boxer portrait wearing bandage on hands

Ania Looren – AFTER merging with Malachi

Ania rose to her knees and used the desk chair to pull her aching body up. In the bottom mirror, she saw a dark-haired female with azure eyes. Not too bad, she thought, noting at least the sleek texture of her hair remained. It could have been worse. She looked mostly like she had been born to look.

Then she noticed above her floated a dark black mass of crackling energy. Seeing Malachi’s energy form up close was only a tad more intimidating than watching it in the mirrors. She decided she could handle it.

“Your appearance does not shock me, Malachi. I have seen demons as mist before you. It’s just been awhile. And frankly, my appearance does not shock me either. I looked very similar to this for several centuries,” she said.

“Yes, but I improved on the original form of you. Those deeper eyes really work with that darker hair color,” Malachi teased, his voice wavering, but distinguishable from the crackling of his mist form. “You were never meant to be blonde and fair, Ania Looren. I was glad to undo those terrible enhancements. What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking I wanted to look soft and kind,” Ania said, dropping to her knees to crawl to the bed because she doubted she could walk just yet.

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