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If you wondered what a romantic space opera was like, this is the perfect time to try this series. I think you’ll find the characters as funny and entertaining as any character in my contemporary books. I will be working on a Book 7 in this series soon.

So boldly go where no man romance reader has gone before and try these science fiction stories. They’re at least worthy of a Star Trek reference. Fans of Firefly will find lots to like in this series as well. I’m secretly hoping Nathan Fillion might play Captain Liam Synar one day–lol. Every writer has to has a dream, right?

The following is a snippet from one of my favorites scenes in The Siren’s Call .

Beautiful girl in military clothes and binoculars

Gwen Looking For Zade

Synar and Malachi came off the shuttle, bypassing everyone to follow the transport.

“Captain Synar,” Issa called, only to be totally ignored.

Gwen looked over at the frowning Ambassador. “Give it up, Ambassador Onin. Can’t what you have to say wait? Synar is going to Medical and won’t be leaving it until Ania is on the mend.”

The ambassador crossed her arms. “No. The Peace Alliance has escalated the next mission. Do you think I want to be on this cursed ship and actually have to function in an official capacity with any of you?”

Gwen let a heavy sigh escape. “Actually, I think you would do anything to save your ass, but I can’t hold that against you when I just came from doing the same myself. Follow me to the bridge. We’ll talk there while I check on everything else.”

She turned to walk away, but Zade put out a hand to stop her, making her swing her irritated gaze to his tortured one.

“Look Zade . . .” Gwen started to say, but swallowed the snippy, frustrated words when she felt the pain and confusion in him find an echo in her.

They were both traumatized. He was concerned about letting her out of his sight, and virtually alone since he didn’t recognize anyone. She took his arms in both hands and rubbed, trying to convey her caring.

“Come with me to the bridge. Later, I’ll get Sarinnea to come collect you. She can show you to the room where we sleep and wait with you while you clean up. In every room, there is a com port on the wall. All you have to do is press the green button and order the com system to ‘locate Commander Jet’. It will always tell you exactly where I am. Then I’ll come to you as soon as someone relieves me from duty,” Gwen explained.

Sexy portrait of a muscular man shirtless in modern setting

Zade In Captivity With His Hair Cut Off

“You’re a leader of these people?” he asked, not really surprised given the way she relished giving orders and being in charge of what occurred.

“Yes,” Gwen said, nodding. “That’s exactly what I am. And I swear you can trust me.”

“And you are also my mate?” he asked, for some reason wanting her to confirm it again. His desire for her hovered under all the trauma, waiting for its chance to be indulged. It was highly compelling and too irresistible not to pursue.

“Yes—we’ll talk about that as soon as we have some time to be alone,” Gwen told him.

“This whole domestic scene is all very charming, but I have better things to do than waste it watching you two figure out your floundering relationship,” Issa said.

Gwen spun and grabbed the smaller female by the robe front, hauling her slight body up until they were nose to nose and the female’s feet dangled two inches off the floor.

“I’ll do what I damn well need to do, and you will shut your disrespectful mouth until I’m done. I am talking to my mate. He’s just escaped being enslaved and tortured. Don’t interrupt us again.”

She threw Issa back to her feet and turned a fiery gaze in Zade’s direction. He was appraising her with the same sharp eyes she was used to having turned in her direction when he was assessing her response.

“Sorry. What were we talking about? She made me forget.”

Fascinated with the heat in her gaze for him, he reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, liking the way her cheek followed his hand. “You said we’re going to the bridge because you are a leader. Later you’re going explain our mating to me.”

Gwen’s eyes clouded with desire when his finger trailed across her face.

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