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For a limited time, the entire Forced To Serve series is running in an Amazon promotion. Everyone can read book 1 for free. Books 2-5 are available in Kindle Unlimited. Book 4, The Healer’s Kiss, is Chiang and Boca’s story and it is free to download today through Monday.

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If you wondered what a romantic space opera was like, this is the perfect time to try this series. I think you’ll find the characters as funny and entertaining as any character in my contemporary books. I will be working on a Book 7 in this series soon.

So boldly go where no man romance reader has gone before and try these science fiction stories. They’re at least worthy of a Star Trek reference. Fans of Firefly will find lots to like in this series as well. I’m secretly hoping Nathan Fillion might play Captain Liam Synar one day–lol. Every writer has to has a dream, right?

The following is a snippet from one of my favorites scenes in The Healer’s Kiss.

Boca Choosing To Be A Warrior

Inside Chiang’s quarters, Boca glanced around guiltily, too nervous at being in his private space uninvited to be properly angry at Malachi for forcing her to action before she had made up her own mind.

She smelled the remnants of cleansing solution and saw the door to the bathing area ajar. She looked in cautiously, but there was no one inside the cubicle. It was eerily quiet in the very large space, no sounds of movement or even loud breathing. She padded quietly to the tiny sleeping area, unable to avert her eyes from the completely naked male lying face-down in the middle of the tiny bed. Her eyes traveled from his family’s mark covering one massive shoulder down the path of too many muscles to count.

Slaggika,” she murmured softly, closing her eyes and swallowing against the wave of lust that threatened to take her legs out from under her.

Unclothed, Chiang was more attractive than any male she had ever known. His physical form was impressively sleek, every muscle well-defined and begging to be stroked. He moved in his sleep as she watched, giving her a tiny glimpse of the front of him, which looked equally appealing. She couldn’t help wanting to see more.

Boca walked silently to the edge of his bed and perched on the side to more closely study the mark on his shoulder. All that would be needed for Chiang’s tracking mark would be to go over the center part of his existing design. Her fingers were reaching out to explore when Chiang moved in his sleep again. His face twisted. “Boca,” he called.

Strong man in golden armor

Chiang – Warrior Who Became A Healer

Hearing her name spoken, Boca jumped from the edge of the bed, only to stand shaking beside it. Ever since she had shared the Sumerian first commitment with Chiang, she had grown more and more afraid to be in his presence.

Actually, it had started with the first kiss, when Chiang had professed to having trouble “letting” her go with the captain and Malachi. Recalling his words could still ignite her anger—and her anxiety.

When Chiang worried so much, it was like being with Rogan again. Rogan had demanded she cease her training, not because she lacked talent, but because his fear for her had been too great for him to master.

Boca turned to leave, planning to quietly exit, but instead she stumbled against the side of the too small sleeping area doorway in her haste. She called out as she caught herself. “Slaggika,” she swore again, when Chiang raised his head and saw her.

“Boca? Is something wrong in Medical?” he asked tiredly.

“No,” Boca stated, her tone hoarse with humiliation as she looked away.

Chiang had turned in the bed enough to give her the clear full frontal view of him that she had been longing to see. Wanting to run exploring hands over him and his male assets made everything in her quiver with bonding need.

“That’s good,” Chiang said, laying his head back down. “I resorted to self-gratification during my cleansing, and then I took a sleep aide. I’m unable to perform any doctor duties. Let the blasted demon take care of things.”

Chiang’s sleepy complaining wasn’t really funny, but Boca found herself smiling and then laughing anyway. He obviously was too drugged to realize his unclothed condition might be a problem for her.

Or maybe this was normal for him.

And evidently he had taken care of his more pressing needs without her assistance.

Her thoughts were a jumble in her busy brain as she stared at Chiang in lust. She had to clear her throat to speak. “Malachi likes his new duties and takes them very seriously,” she said softly.

Sighing, Chiang rolled to his side, looked at her, and then finally rolled to his back, deciding not to be overly concerned if his lack of clothing bothered Boca. They were both experienced medics. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen naked males before.

“Why are you here, Boca?” he asked, figuring it was best to get to the point so he could eventually go back to sleep.

“I don’t know exactly,” she said, cautiously debating what to reveal.

“Why are you standing in my private quarters lying to me? I can intuitively tell that’s not your truth” Chiang said coldly, turning his head and swearing in Greggor at her lack of trust in him.

Boca blew out a breath. He had a point. His intuition was undoubtedly picking up her anxiety. “It is not exactly an untruth. I do not know how to talk with you about my concerns.”

Chiang patted the edge of the bed. “For starters, come sit with me and relax. I’m too tired to keep chasing you around the ship. The sleep aide has had a bad effect on my energy, which is why I rarely take them.”

Boca put hands on her hips as she looked longingly at the Greggor’s naked body. “I fear sitting next to you or I would already have done so. And yes, I will admit it is not your intentions toward me that worry me most at the moment.”

Maybe that angry declaration shouldn’t thrill him as much as it did, Chiang decided, smiling at the ceiling instead of the tiny frustrated female in his sleeping chamber doorway. But Shades of Kellnor, he sure liked the idea that she was suffering now just as much as he had been doing for days.

“You think my need for you is a source of amusement?” she asked.

“Do I think it’s funny? No, I certainly don’t,” Chiang said, turning his attention to her again as he snickered over her angry admission of wanting him. “It’s okay, Boca. I am of no use to you right now, even if you are finally interested.”

“I assure you I am not interested,” Boca denied hotly. Then swearing softly, she smacked the doorway with her hand. “Shades of Kellnor, I am compelled, Chiang.”

“Compelled?” Chiang repeated, raising his muscled arms and crossing his hands under his head. “That’s an interesting choice of words to poetically cloak honest lust.”

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