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Written for the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World by Robyn Peterman

She’s the Jezibaba, not the Jezibooboo. Sleeping with Professor Hottie is out of the question… or is it?

After three hundred years of keeping the magical peace in the world, she’s a hundred years past being ready to hang up her Jezibaba witch’s hat.  The Council of Witches still can’t be trusted but she will happily step aside to leave their treachery to her successors to punish.Two new witches—two Baba Yaga—have been chosen as potentials to take her place. Yet before she can thank Morgana The Red for helping her survive long enough to retire her wand, she uncovers one major snafu in the cauldron’s prediction. The Chosen Ones are still children.

Carol and Hildy are only ten years old and neither has mastered any real magic. Does everyone expect her to babysit in between her normal work of chasing down magic abusers? Child care isn’t in her job description, and Goddess knows, she has enough other problems on her magical plate.

Because she refused to die on their command, the Fates are laughing while assassins line up to take their turn trying to kill the girls. Professor Hottie—the caring and way too sexy dragon headmaster of Witchery U—is turning out to be the biggest distraction she’s ever encountered. Finding out the Goddess she’s trusted all this time has been lying to her about her origins? Well, that’s simply the last straw. Everyone is about to get a don’t-mess-with-the-Jezibaba life lesson.

One way or the other, she’s going to protect the girls, kill their would-be killers, and then she’s going to torture each member of the Council until she discovers the traitor funding the attempts on their lives. What she is not going to do is sleep with the sexy dragon. She and Professor Hottie have way more in common than the magical world is ready to know.

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Who is Robyn Peterman? So glad you want to know!

Robyn is a fantastically funny author, and I’m not saying that just because she’s my critique partner. Your laughter and multiple trips to the bathroom when you read her books will prove me right. What I can tell you is that Robyn’s Kindle World is populated with many wonderful authors and joining her stories really is both magic and mayhem at once. I ended up writing the backstory for her legendary witch overseer, the horribly dressed yet awesome, Baba Yaga. My tale is meant to illuminate Carol’s journey into the role. However, what I had not counted on when I agreed to write not one–but three–books for her series was the incredible amount of fun I would have writing these stories. This fun included getting to finally, finally, finally write a dragon. Thank you Robyn for making one more of my dreams come true. LOL. To see all the published books in Robyn’s Magic & Mayhem Series, visit her series page at Amazon.

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SERIES: Magic & Mayhem Kindle World

FORMAT: ebook

LENGTH: 36,499 words



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