Magic, NM: Tangling With Topper (NEW Kindle World Novella)

Sexy, Funny SciFi Paranormal Romance 

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What’s a witch to do? She has no power to fight the sexy alien and can’t fight his power over her.

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Topper didn’t always like being responsible, but as the head witch in the town of Magic, she has to do the right thing. That means no more chasing adventure fantasies for a while. It means no out of country safaris or whitewater river rafting until Magic’s latest witchery fiasco is over.

Nothing on either planet explains why the allegedly mature Glacieran male steps from the portal completely naked. Stark is bossy and controlling as well as incredibly rude. Topper doesn’t care how handsome he is or how impressive a man package he’s sporting. On top of not caring one whit that he’s embarrassed her and all the witches gathered to help her, Stark is the most arrogant being Topper has ever met.

When the men in black suits and a nosy scientist arrive in the middle of their crisis, the additional troublemakers cap off the worst week Topper can ever remember having in her entire witchy life. The only bright spot is that Stark–for all his arrogance–turns out to be a sleek, sexy, and talented alien in bed. What he makes her feel is real magic and she intends to enjoy it while she can. He’s the one male whose memories she won’t need to wipe when it’s over because Stark’s leaving anyway.


Short Excerpt

Topper rolled her eyes at well-meaning males and turned back to Stark who was studying her again. “Why are you looking at me so strangely?”

“Is the dragon your mate?” Stark asked.

Topper snorted at the question. Stark was the most clueless male she’d ever met on either of their planets. “No, Stark. The dragon is Theo. He’s our sheriff and the person in charge of security here in Magic. He sees every stranger as a threat.”

Stark shook his head. “No, I must disagree. That is not what is going on here. I distinctively feel his concern is directed towards my continued presence near you. He is being a protective male.”

Topper threw up her hands. “Of course he is. Theo is like my son. I have no mate—alright? Topper has no mate. In fact, Topper is an old lady who has never had a mate. Why don’t you take an ad out with some intergalactic news service and tell both our worlds? I’m sure everyone would like to know how someone my age could live all this time on Earth without a man.”

Stark nodded in approval. “Ah… now I understand. You have no male at all in your life, so the young dragon has placed you under his protection.”

Topper rolled her eyes. “More like the other way around… but whatever. I stopped trying to explain my power to men like you long ago. It’s not worth the trouble trying to squeeze reality into your narrow minds.”

Despite the rising anger in her tone, Stark was surprised at the joy Topper’s irritated declaration about being unmated brought his body. As a Star Ranger, he had visited many planets. Hope was a universal among all life forms, and Goddess knew, he had never stopped appreciating it in his too often austere life.

But to feel hope now about this beautiful Earth woman—this allegedly powerful witch—to anticipate that she might share herself with him? Lust was not something he’d expected to feel for anyone when he agreed to this assignment.

Plus, it was fascinating to find he was capable of being unsure. Despite his long history of dealing with females, he was fairly clueless about how to deal with this fascinating one.

Stark cautiously approached the obviously offended female, trying to gauge the best way to put Topper at ease again. He pointed to the clothes she still held.

“I assume you wish me to cover myself with those articles of clothing.”

Topper nodded and held them out. “Yes. Naked male aliens, no matter how well hung their package, are just too distracting for most Earth females.”

Hung?” Stark repeated the word and chuckled at the term. Hung. Goddess, he liked that word being applied to him.

Topper’s gaze dropping constantly to his barely covered mating organs clued him in to her meaning. Polar would be proud of him. Even without Frost’s help, he was beginning to figure things out.

“Very well, Most Powerful Witch Topper. Since the dragon is not your mate, I will wear his clothes. In exchange for my compliance with your prudish customs, will you please give some consideration to having intimate relations with me before my return to Glacier?”

“Having… what?” Topper drew herself up straight. “Are you asking me for sex?”

“Yes. I am sure Frost would be willing to provide a reference. On my planet, females stand in line for the opportunity because I am very skilled at pleasuring them. I’m sure I can become just as proficient with your Earth anatomy if given the opportunity to practice with it a few times.”


  1. When will Tangling with Topper be available in the UK? At the moment it is only available on Amazon .com, not on

    • Hi Mary. I don’t know the answer. Authors keep asking Amazon to make it widely available. They say they are working on it.


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