Nate’s Fated Mate

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After a hundred years and four other wives, he should have been over her.

There are two things in life Admiral Nathaniel Tiberius knows how to do well. He knows how to fly his freaking airship and how to run the Alien Abduction Services. What he doesn’t know is how to get over Dr. Sheena MacNamara, the most contrary female he’d ever been married to.

What is it going to take if a hundred years without seeing Sheena hasn’t changed anything between them? Dealing with her is enough to drive any man insane.

And don’t get him started on Angus and Erin interfering in his life. The Universe 6 matchmakers have been nothing but trouble since they arrived. They want to change everything. As far as Nate is concerned, no changes are needed. The abduction program has existed for hundreds of years and it’s just fine like it is.

And so was his life. Nate likes things calm… and peaceful. Predictable outcomes suit him. Or they had until he realizes Sheena MacNamara will soon be walking out of his life again.

Letting her go didn’t work out last time he did it. This time… this time he has to stop her. Nate can’t bear the thought of losing her again.

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About The Series

The Aliens In Kilts series is spoofy, and silly, and yes, I’m making fun of alien abductions, as well as every other SciFi trope out there. Sorry Whovians, Trekkies, those who have the Force strong within them. My Irish hero and heroine have no idea about any of that. They are ground up technophobes.

I can’t really fully explain the humor in these books, but if you like movies like Galaxy Quest, Spaceballs, or more recently Guardians of the Galaxy, then you’re probably going to like this series. I’m writing more so I hope someone out there has a sense of humor like mine. I would love for this series to live long and prosper.

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Nate's Fated Mate

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Book 1

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Shades Of Darcone

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SERIES: Aliens In Kilts

eISBN:  978-1-939988-63-8

LENGTH: 46k words, 225 pages

RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2017