Never Be Her Hero

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Instead of a fake date, Della needs a real hero.

As crazy as it sounds for a 31-year-old guy in his prime, I have a dating emergency. I jokingly told my best client that I could bring a date to his function, but then I got too busy to actually go out and get one.

Hey, don’t judge me. Finding a girlfriend wasn’t on my to do list.

Dr. Mariah Bates, of The Perfect Date, clicked her tongue at my lapse, but in the end, she offered me a deal that might actually save my man card.

Now Dr. Della Livingston, Mariah’s career-minded assistant with surprisingly great legs, has my client thinking I hit the girlfriend jackpot. Maybe I’m nuts from months of working too hard, but I’m starting to wish this whole fake date thing wasn’t so fake.

But a deal is a deal. I wouldn’t be this wealthy at my age if I wasn’t the kind of guy who keeps his word.

So I’m going as Della’s fake date to her sister’s wedding, even though her real goal is using me and my tribal tats to scare her conservative family. She’s even asked me to dye my hair green. I should have been offended, but instead, her desperation to rebel made me laugh.

And that’s how I knew I’d developed a bigger problem than I’ve ever had to solve before. Della’s not overly impressed with men in general. Sure I’d like to jump off the love cliff but I need to figure out how to fly first.

Anybody got a superhero cape I can borrow?


The essence of all romantic comedy is that falling in love and navigating an unexpected romance is never easy or simple. Instead, it’s messy and emotional, and if you’re lucky, it’s also sexy and fun.

Some relationship professionals, like my character of Dr. Mariah Bates in this series, sincerely want to help people find their perfect love match. For the various heroines I’ve created, many of whom are older, Mariah’s going to need all the help she can get. Or maybe she just needs to step out of the way. You can be the judge.

NOTE ABOUT THE HEAT LEVEL:  Not being a fan of the word “clean” when applied to romance, I will instead say the heat level in this new series is in the 1-2 range, rather than 3-4 like some of my others. The focus is on sensuality and I’ve packed a lot into these stories.

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