Once Around The Galaxy Please!

Space is the final frontier, but it’s never been this sexy or fun… 

Hurry! Free downloads end on February 19th!



  1. Hi!
    I really love the Force to Serve Series. I enjoy all the characters. Any plans to continue? I also really love the audible to this series. Any plans to have the rest of the series on audible too??

    Thank You!

    • Hi! I love that series too. It’s one of my favorites. I do have another shorter book in the works with another “vacation” story. Dorian and Gwen are heading to Rylen to visit his mother and I am planning to finish Sarinnea’s story in it. Then the next book will the entire crew back on their new ship and fighting the corruption they’ve uncovered. Sound good? As for audiobooks, I’ll get those done as soon as I can. Isn’t that narrator wonderful? Allyson’s Voice is so talented.


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