Tangling With Topper


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Written for the Magic, NM Series Kindle World by SE Smith

What’s a witch to do? She has no power to fight the sexy alien and can’t fight his power over her.

Topper didn’t always like being responsible, but as the head witch in the town of Magic, she has to do the right thing. That means no more chasing adventure fantasies for a while. It means no out of country safaris or whitewater river rafting until Magic’s latest witchery fiasco is over.

Last time the witches of Magic opened the space travel portal, it was to reunite pregnant Earth witch Lacey with her Glacieran alien mate Frost. This time? It’s to let through some former alien superhero cop now turned animal catcher. Topper already caught most of the green meanies who’d snuck through on Frost’s return trip to Earth. She feels confident she’ll eventually catch the last three still missing. Why does everyone keep insisting she needs help?

Nothing on either planet explains why the allegedly mature Glacieran male steps from the portal completely naked. Stark is bossy and controlling as well as incredibly rude. Topper doesn’t care how handsome he is or how impressive a man package he’s sporting. On top of not caring one whit that he’s embarrassed her and all the witches gathered to help her, Stark is the most arrogant being Topper has ever met. This includes her three mythological Goddess friends–the Fates–who decide to amuse themselves by taking some of her powers away without telling her why. Getting some new friends is going to be on her to-do list.

When the men in black suits and a nosy scientist arrive in the middle of their crisis, the additional troublemakers cap off the worst week Topper can ever remember having in her entire witchy life. The only bright spot is that Stark–for all his arrogance–turns out to be a sleek, sexy, and talented alien in bed. What he makes her feel is real magic and she intends to enjoy it while she can. He’s the one male whose memories she won’t need to wipe when it’s over because Stark’s leaving anyway.

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Who is SE Smith? So glad you want to know!

I met SE Smith through a mutual paranormal author friend. We’ve been fellow geek friends ever since.  I’m a fan of her aliens, her shifters, and pretty much all the characters SE creates. Her premise for the Magic, NM series is very funny–alien cop chases alien bad guy to Earth where both end up in a town full paranormals. Alien copy + powerful witch = a lot of fun and laughs.

I was excited when SE suggested I write a story about the head witch in Magic, who’s nearly 60. SE asked me for an HEA for Topper. Wish granted…

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KINDLE WORLD: Magic, New Mexico Kindle World

SERIES: Book 1 of Romancing Topper

FORMAT: ebook

LENGTH: 34,800 words