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The term sounded strange, but that was the only way to explain what was happening to him.

Expert canyon tracker, Jason Cloud, discovers the hard way that accepting a stranger’s help carries a high price. Suddenly he’s the newest member of a whole tribe of people who remind him of his deceased native grandfather.

Not only can he not go home, Jason is supposed to repay his karmic debt by becoming their holy woman’s mate. The honorable and beautiful Shaman Aiyana admits she’s been waiting years for him to come to her. His head has yet to stop spinning over what he sees.

Can life among the Chileaans really be his destiny?

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  1. I suggest you remove the “free at Amazon” comment for “The Shaman’s Mate” from your website. I tried to get it free, but then I eventually saw the limiting dates. Some of us older readers don’t see it all right off the top.


    • Hi Michael. This is just an article in a blog stream and it will hang around naturally. I use the blog to announce sales. Most sales are for a limited time only. If you are Kindle Unlimited member, you can still read The Shaman’s Mate for free until June 22 this month.


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