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Written for the Magic, NM Series Kindle World by SE Smith



Honeymoons are supposed to be magical, not make you lose magical control.

Alaska is not as cold as Glacier, but it’s the closest Topper can get to giving her new alien husband the perfect wedding gift. A sled dog ride through the falling snow was supposed to be both romantic and fun.

And it was until she started exploding snow.

Something very strange is happening to her magic and Topper doesn’t know what. It better not be the Fates again, or they’ll be eating fast food for the rest of their unnaturally long lives because she won’t be cooking for them.

When an enemy from Stark’s past hunts them down, she has no choice except to risk using her magic to save them both. Goddess help her. She can’t lose the only male she’s ever loved.

What is Kindle Worlds?

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon exclusive program. The titles written for the world can NOT be purchased at other ebook retailers or anywhere besides the Amazon US site, but they can be read on any tablet, computer, or smartphone using the free Kindle App.

Who is S. E. Smith? So glad you want to know!

I met S.E. Smith through a mutual paranormal author friend. We’ve been fellow geek friends ever since.  I’m a fan of her aliens, her shifters, and pretty much all the characters S. E. creates. Her premise for the Magic, NM series is very funny–alien cop chases alien bad guy to Earth where both end up in a town full paranormals. Alien copy + powerful witch = a lot of fun and laughs.

I was excited when S.E. suggested I write a story about the head witch in Magic, who’s nearly 60. S. E. asked me for an HEA for Topper. Wish granted…

To see all the published books in S.E. Smith’s Magic, NM series, visit her series page at Amazon.

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KINDLE WORLD: Magic, New Mexico Kindle World

SERIES: Book 2 of Romancing Topper

FORMAT: ebook

LENGTH: 24,000

RELEASE DATE: February 2017