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“Are you afraid of the truth?” Joe demanded.

“Yes,” Jillian confessed, returning his blue-eyed glare. “And of you.”

Joe nodded and let her go. “Well, I’m afraid of you too. Guess that makes us even. You can stay for pizza… or the whole evening. Your call.”

“You sound like you don’t care one way or the other,” Jillian said, crossing her arms again—this time to hug herself. His words were honest. They shouldn’t hurt. So why did they?

“You coming here means everything to me, but I’m smart enough to know we’re not on the same page,” Joe said softly. “That makes letting you stay one of the biggest, dumbest mistakes I could ever make.”

“But you’re still going to make it?”

Joe smiled as he nodded. “Yeah. I’m still going to make it.”

He tugged her inside and closed the door on the rest of the world.

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Same Great Stories With A Brand New Look…

The Jezibaba Saga (formerly released as part of Love Spells) is outrageous paranormal fun with some of the characters you enjoyed in the Baba Yaga Saga. What could be better to write than feisty witches and hot dragons? Not much for me because I laughed the whole time this story was coming together. I hope you find this spin-off equally funny, sexy, and full of paranormal adventure.

Happy reading! ~Donna

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