Genre = Paranormal, Science Fiction Romance, Romantic Comedy

These stories are dedicated to author friend, Mina Carter, who inspired them and who made the amazing book covers. Be sure and check her stories out too–just click on her name. 

Note from Donna about this series...

These stories are my latest dip into writing a paranormal/shifter romance with some science fiction mixed into it. Inspired by a TV show from the 90s called Witch Blade, I wanted to write my own story about a female who gets bound to an ancient artifact that takes over her life. I created Archaeologist and Ancient Earth Historian, Dr. Sugar Jennings, who finds an artifact ‘Indiana Jones’ style. The artifact ends up being a sentient blade with a mind of its own.

Shortly after Sugar and the blade merge, all kinds of people start trying to kill Sugar to get to the blade. She ends up turning to a guardian race of aliens on Earth for help. Only she didn’t exactly believe Axel when he said he was an alien… 

These stories are action-packed, thought-provoking, very sexy, funny, and fun. I hope you enjoy every reading minute. I’ll be writing the third book in the series soon.

Write to me at and let me know what you think about it. I’d love to hear from you.

science fiction romance, military, paranormal, action and adventure
science fiction romance, military, paranormal, action and adventure