All Fired UP

Jezibaba Saga, Book 1

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She’s the Jezibaba—not the Jezibooboo—well, at least most of the time.

Jezibaba—aka Elenora the reluctant Dragoness—is tucked into her beach house and enjoying her retirement. After hundreds of years of protecting the nutbag magical community, she deserves a little peace and quiet. Right? Wrong…

What she doesn’t deserve is her dragon lover announcing their mating to all of dragonkind. Those crazy flying freaks consider her to be Damien’s pet human which is really not working for her. The least he could have done was warn her they were about to be summoned before the Council of Dragons to explain themselves.

She also doesn’t deserve to have to worry about the wicked firebird mage, Zenos, trying to bed Damien’s mother. You’d think a couple of millennial-old creatures would keep their embarrassing wooing to themselves. Damien’s breathing fire over it and Goddess only knows what’s going to happen when the Council of Dragons finds out.

The chaos she calls her life has her all fired up again. Retirement will have to wait. Something has to be done before her inner dragon decides to get involved and the witch hits the fan.

Excerpt of All Fired UP

Chapter 1

One morning after a random night of debauchery…

It wasn’t the first time Zenos had awoken in human form and found himself handcuffed to something. This morning it happened to be a very large tree. Normally, being tied up under any circumstances amused him. It became less funny after he discovered the bindings were enchanted with enough dark magic to keep him from breaking free or changing forms.

Constrained to being human meant he was at his most vulnerable. One witch—the one he remembered flirting with most last evening—smiled and lifted her chin to look at him. She stirred something brewing in a cauldron over a fire.

“Making me breakfast, lass?” he asked. “I must have been better than I thought. Too bad I can’t remember any of it. Now be a good girl and cut me loose, eh?”

Guten morgen, Zenos. We’ve been waiting hours for you to rejoin us. The spell we are weaving requires your screams of agony to work. Your magic is very strong here in the land of Drachen. It took us most of the night to figure out what the true source of your power was. You should have told us what you were, ich lieben.”

Zenos looked at the trio of dark witches surrounding him. They were naked and just as beautiful as he remembered them being last evening. Had he bedded them? His mind scrambled trying to recall. There had been lots of strong German drink, but no, he didn’t think he’d gotten that far.

Usually, he remembered at least a little something about the women he bedded… for a day or two at least… never more than three. Sex to him was like having a good meal. A few hours after it was over, he was always hungry again.

“Okay now. Fun’s over, my lovelies. Ya need to cut me loose.” He sniffed the air, smelling the kind of fire that didn’t come just from burning wood. How the devil had he gotten from a beer festival in Bavaria back to the land of Dragons?

“The fun hasn’t even begun, Drachen Schatz,” a second witch said gleefully, making the other two laugh at her snide endearment.

She smiled as she started toward him. Her hand gripped an athame with strange carvings on it. Once she reached his side, she chanted the beginnings of a power draining spell. In his magically bound condition, Zenos was powerless to stop her as she carved a symbol he didn’t recognize on his chest. The pain of it roared through him though, and he did scream out, despite his best efforts not to do so.

The three witches ceased in their tasks and shivered with carnal delight as the magic left his throat and flitted through the air to the cauldron.

Zenos snorted at the ecstasy he’d unwillingly caused. “Glad I could make yer morning so cheery. Are any of ya planning to return the favor in kind?”

“The Drachen is more powerful than we knew, sisters,” his smiling butcher said.

Da. Da,” he heard the others say in agreement.

“Feck my luck with wicked females,” Zenos said aloud, knowing he needed an answer about escaping and needed it now. “I thought we had something special going for us. Yer breaking my heart here.”

“We do have something special,” the third witch answered, speaking in perfect English with no German thrown in. Then she pressed a heated brand against his chest.

His roar of pain sounded like the blended suffering of every animal form he’d ever taken. Zenos saw a long white spiral leave his throat. It went into the pot the smiling witch continually stirred.

“Sisters, come to me. We must unite our powers and retrieve the rest quickly. We will soon dine on all the mage’s magic,” she told them.

Zenos looked madly around. He raised his voice and sent out a single prayer in the language of Druid magic, which the Great Mother never ignored. “Gaia! Auxilium mihi!

He could only hope the Earth goddess wasn’t too angry at him to help. Maybe she’d fetch Nathaniel at least. That warlock was more in his debt now than ever. Though Nathaniel might not set him free of the handcuffs, because he did have a fondness for tormenting the man, but the mage’s power had grown since Zenos had helped him regenerate. Nathaniel would at least get rid of the witches before they did him in.

His spirit fell when a petite, silver-haired woman walked out of the woods and directly into the camp. She was humming and oblivious to his dire circumstances which brought a smirk to his face. Though she didn’t outwardly show it, he could tell she was older than the German witches. That judgment was based more on the knowing, disgusted look she gave his naked body just before she rolled her eyes.

Yet there was something about her—something oddly familiar. His cock twitched and started to salute her shapely female figure. He was so mesmerized by the instant connection he felt that for a few brief seconds he all but forgot the extreme peril he was in.

“What’s going on here?” his curvy rescuer asked in a lilting, irritated voice. She looked his way, her disgusted expression saying how much she found him lacking in appeal.

Zenos shrugged a shoulder. “It’s not what ya think, lass. It never got to that—not this time. These witches are draining my power. The spell’s two-thirds done. I need yer help, kind lady. I don’t fear death, but I do fear the aftereffects of the spell. Not bragging here when I tell ya that these three will be a grave danger to all if they succeed in their task.”

Lady?” the woman asked, looking down at herself. “Oh, right. I’d gone into town and… never mind.”

“Begone, woman… or forfeit your worthless life,” one of the witches hissed at her.

Without so much as aiming an evil glare at the speaker of the threat, his potential savior turned on her petite heel and did just as the witch demanded. She just up and left.

Shite,” Zenos spat, yanking on his bonds again. He’d never made such a bad first impression on any female other than Elenora. If the silver-haired woman was Gaia’s way of teaching him a harsh lesson, it was one that also might end up costing him his life. He wouldn’t be able to regenerate if the witches took all his power.

The chanting grew louder and he felt the magical tug in his gut, but then a giant white claw descended from the sky. It knocked over the cauldron and extinguished the fire under it in a single stomp. The power already taken from him returned to his human form as painfully as it had left. He screamed for long minutes because it hurt just as much going back in as it had leaving.

The large white talon lifted and sliced easily through his bindings letting his exhausted body roll out of the claw’s reach on instinct alone. When the rest of her large form cleared the treetops and landed, her white, intricately ridged dragon’s tail totally covered him. Beneath the warmth of it, Zenos chuckled at her idea of offering him protection. She must believe he was some sort of helpless human mage. At the moment, she wasn’t exactly wrong about the helpless part.

Zenos closed his eyes to offer up a prayer. “Yer the best, Gaia. She’s even more wonderful than I expected.”

And that was his thinking before the protective white dragon opened her jaws and blew a fire so hot, it turned all three fleeing, still chanting witches into nothing more than ashy memories.

Zenos turned his face away as flames of change surrounded his dragoness savior. When he opened them again, she was as human and as naked as he was. Wow, was she naked—beautiful and incredibly so. She was probably the most beautiful female he’d ever seen in human form.

“My name is Celeste of the Smoke Horde. What manner of creature are you?”

Zenos knew staring at any nude creature was rude, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. “Celeste. That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

“I’m no woman, Mage.”

“Aye,” Zenos said. “Yer a white dragon and I’m grateful for it. Pardon me for what I’m about to do, but I find yer human figure far too distracting.”

Zenos winced at the effort as he chanted, but a blue silk sheath soon covered his rescuer from head to toe. It went well with her silver-white hair. “Not my best work, but it helps me not to lust for ya while we’re speaking.”

Celeste raised an eyebrow. “I see. So you really are a mage. I’d hoped I was wrong.”

“Aye. I’m a mage—among other things,” Zenos replied.

“Why didn’t you dress yourself, Mage?”

Zenos looked down at his still unclothed body. Despite his pain, his nakedness made him laugh. His gaze slowly returned to his rescuer. “Do ya find me distracting too, lass? I knew I felt an instant connection to ya. Gaia be praised for her miraculous intervention this day.”

“Leave the Great Mother out of this. Gaia has enough to worry about. Be grateful you did not meet your end, Mage. Be gone while you can.”

With that, his beautiful witch-roasting dragon turned once more on her human heels and walked off again. Moments later a blue sheath floated down from above and landed across his barely twitching crotch. Zenos looked up at the large white dragon flying overhead and laughed at what she’d done.

“It’s not like it was hard for ya yet, lass. Me and him were only starting to get interested in ya,” he yelled to the sky.

Only after his words faded from the air did Zenos realize that he’d never properly thanked her. This was an oversight that could be easily remedied though. It would just require tracking down the lovely Celeste of the Smoke Horde in her very own dragon lair.

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