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Here is a quick overview of the app and what is currently in it.

For the moment, it is primarily the paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy titles. Based on downloads and usage, I may update with my full catalog of titles. Even if you are not a reader of these genres, the app is still a fun way to connect with me via the fan wall and to have easy access to my social media all in one convenient place.

Download today!  Available at Google Play and iTunes.

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Buying from any link will work for you like it does in your normal way.

Buying from my store will let you download whichever format you want (.epub or .mobi) and will put the file into the reader default for those files on your tablet or phone. This is typically a Kindle app for .mobi and one of the others (iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google) for .epub. For example, on my iPhone 6 the .epub was opened in my iBooks program.


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