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What Readers Think I Look Like Reading

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What I Think I Look Like Reading










I am a writer who reads. Not all writers do. Some think it clutters their imagination with the stories of others. But I like to feed my soul with the thoughts, the joys, and the words of other like-minded creative souls. So I read—and let’s just say a lot of books—mostly on ereaders because I have to travel light these days. I recently was so desperate to read a book that I read several chapters of it on my phone after my tablet ran out of internet juice as my friend likes to say. Since that hadn’t happened in a great while to me, I felt compelled to share the books.

And it wasn’t even romance—LOL.

A fellow author friend gave me the first hit of my latest reading crack. We listened to the audiobook of Hounded, Book 1 of the Iron Druid series, by author Kevin Hearne. It was a long drive to the conference we were attending together, but I was hooked on the story before we make it out of Kentucky.

Luke Daniels, the narrator of the Iron Druid series, has been on my favorite narrator list for a couple years, but he was especially good reading this series. If you buy the ebook version at Amazon, they make it really easy—and cheap—to buy the audiobook version. You should try one if you haven’t before now. I’ve had an Audible membership since they began the service. For commuters, audiobooks are a blessing.

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What I Wish I Looked Like Reading (I wanted to call this “Darynda Jones Reading” because it looks like her.)

But back to my actual reading…

Liking or not liking an author’s work is very subjective. I’ve definitely learned that from my readers after publishing 30 romances, all of which have a wide range of reviews telling me how they feel. But I’m still hoping this post comes across only as pleasant commentary on the many wonderful things I personally found to like in this particular series.

For starters, Hearne writes in first person POV and does a fantastic job. This is not normally my favorite POV to read, but after being immersed in the series for several books, I see the power of it… finally. Because I have become Atticus O’Sullivan. What better feeling is there as a reader than to be able to instantly put yourself into a character’s shoes? I can drift off and immediately relive some particular scene I read and liked.

Also, Hearne did his research homework, or at least he did the same homework I’ve done over the years about this subject matter. Being of Irish descent and a fan of all things Celtic, I found myself totally in sync with his take on Druids and their purpose in the world. Screw the other theories, I say. I thoroughly enjoyed Hearne’s interpretation of the Celtic pantheon of gods and goddesses.

Though the stories seemed to be written from a male perspective, and primarily for other males, the action and adventure were awesome for me as well. Hearne provided plenty of kickass female characters, and not all of them were evil <she says smiling>. I had a few frowning moments—sure, but mostly I didn’t feel left out as a female reader. That can happen in fantasy sometimes. To give Hearne extra credit, there were enough romantic elements to make even a romance author smile at where he went with relationships in the series.

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Not Me Reading, But Definitely A Kindred Soul

Honestly… the last time I got this obsessed with a series, it was Thea Harrison’s Elder Races. She had dragons, unicorns, thunderbirds, griffins, as well as the typical vamps and shifters. I enjoyed the alternative history of Harrison’s world, totally ready to believe it could happen. When I mention dragon books to anyone, I still talk about the first book in Harrison’s series. The male protagonist was an amazing and unforgettable character.

But back to Mr. Hearne… here is my confession. It’s one that will warm his author’s heart like no other—LOL.

I bought the novellas, the short stories, and heaven help me, even the anthology that part of the series was in—just so I could have ALL of the stories.

Then after buying up and reading the ebook versions, I popped over to my Audible account and used all my existing credits to buy up the narrated versions. There are no print books in my present reality, but I collected up the Iron Druid work in every way that fit my lifestyle. Now I have an awesome Druid’s story whenever I want to revisit it in several formats.

To my wonderful readers, those who did this with my books and series, my latest binge with Hearne’s work has made me even more appreciative of you. So thank you from the depths of my obsession. Happy reading—whatever you are reading—and know I’m right there with you.

Oh…one more thing…

To show you I have not forgotten the genre I have devoted most of writing time to, I made you a present. Hopefully these will be something romance readers will enjoy and will prove I am not leaving romance to write other things—at least not yet.

I call these graphic masterpieces “Sexy Guys Reading”. I’m eclectic in my tastes when it comes to beauty. What can I say? Enjoy your fantasies. I know I always enjoy mine.

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