Genre = Light Paranormal, Romantic Comedy

 Baba Yaga Adventures Collection

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It’s not easy being the two most powerful witches in the world. Find out how Carol and Hildy do it In this collection of light paranormal romantic comedies!

Now you can get all three stories in the Baba Yaga Adventures series in this one convenient collection.

Book 1: Whole Lot of Shiftin’ Going On

Being a Shifter Whisper is the life Hildy chose to devote her witch power to, but it hasn’t worked out like she’d hoped. What happens when you’re the ultimate Shifter Whisperer and you can’t solve a simple shifting problem? According to the Baba Yaga, the Goddess Morgana, and Gaia, every shifter in the world will be doomed if she fails.

Book 2: Witch’s Guide to a Magical Life

The Baba Yaga job didn’t come with a witch’s guide to a magical life. How did her predecessors do this job without zapping everyone in sight? Carol has no freaking idea, but now she’s under orders from the former Jezibaba to pick a warlock posse to help her before her familiar is released. Why can’t people just back off and let her do the job her way?

Book 3: Party Like A Witch

It’s like old times again. The Baba Yaga is throwing an All Hallows Eve party to lure a vampire maker out of hiding and she’s using Hildy as human bait. All Hildy really cares about is that there are a bunch of coffins littering her backyard. What is she supposed to do with vampires? Bat shifters, Carol calls them, but Hildy thinks that’s a bunch of bull crap—or rather, guano.

What is the Magic and Mayhem Universe? Here’s what the author says…

Blast Off with us into the Magic and Mayhem Universe!

I’m Robyn Peterman, the creator of the Magic and Mayhem Series and I’d like to invite you to my Magic and Mayhem Universe. What is the Magic and Mayhem Universe, you may ask? Well, let me explain…

It’s basically authorized fan fiction written by some amazing authors that I stalked and blackmailed! KIDDING! I was lucky and blessed to have some brilliant authors say yes! They have written brand new stories using my world and some of my characters. And let me tell you… the results are hilarious!

So here it is! Blast off with us into the hilarious Magic and Mayhem Universe. Side-splitting books by fantabulous authors! Check out each and every one. You will laugh your way to a magical HEA!

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Who is Robyn Peterman? So glad you want to know!

My life hasn’t been the same since I met Robyn Peterman in a writer’s group where we were the only two comedy writers and the only two authors writing paranormal. Now we’re critique partners and over our years of working together she’s taught me many, many, many new potty words. We’re thinking about making our own dictionary.

Check out Robyn’s original series that began the Magic and Mayhem Universe. CLICK HERE to visit the website.

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