If you haven’t tried the Alien Guardians of Earth series, this is the purr-fect time! Bad Panther, Book 1, is on sale until July 31 for just $0.99.

Archaeologist, Dr. Sugar Jennings, has merged with a powerful, ancient artifact. Now people are trying to kill her to get it. Will Bad Panther, alien panther shifter, become her purr-fect guardian? Don’t miss the action, adventure, and fun in the Alien Guardians of Earth series.



“Hi. I’m Dr. Sugar Jennings,” Sugar said, holding out her hand for him to shake.

“Come with me if you want to live,” Axel ordered.

Sugar burst out laughing at the dramatic statement delivered in an incredibly sexy voice. “Oh, you’re a Schwarzenegger fan. Me too. I loved that movie.”

Her eyes widened as Axel ignored her teasing and turned on his heel. He walked away from her without commenting or touching her in any way.

Sugar shook her head over Bad Panther’s bad manners as her offered hand fell limply to her lap. The wolf at her feet yipped once and darted after her obviously reluctant guardian. The wolf stopped in the doorway and yipped a second time while looking back at her.

Rude or not—what choice did she have except to do as the infamous Bad Panther commanded?