New Release – Midlife Muse

Midlife Muse Released Today!

I’m so excited! This is a new story in a new genre. It is Paranormal Women’s Fiction which is a new genre with fresh ideas about stories. For me, Midlife Muse–a former goddess living as a 40-year-old mortal woman–ended up being a way to write a paranormal/fantasy action and adventure story for women. I love writing such a strong heroine, but it’s also fun to write about someone having to contend with learning she needs other people.

The book’s available at Amazon and can be read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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The (Boob) Bucket List

I usually use my blog to talk about my books or the books of my author friends, but today is a tiny exception. I don’t know this author personally, but I know her story and totally understand her motivation.

She is writing honestly about a subject that has affected so many women I know. If this book makes you smile or laugh or even count your blessings that cancer has missed you, then this author has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Even at her very young age, she is teaching us how to live with grace.

Check out this refreshing book and be charmed. I’ve included the Amazon link so you could read the preview but I’m sure the book is for sale everywhere.