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These are books I’m currently working on and that have release dates set.


Book Six in the Art Of Love Series

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Carved In Wood

New Alien Shifter Series Coming 

Something fun and new coming in early 2019. Book 1 is already written. I’m getting covers done and will be working on Books 2 and 3 shortly after the first of the year.

Here is the blurb for Book 1 — just a teaser. 

Sugar has a problem and Bad Panther has the purrr-fect solution.

Dr. Sugar Jennings is an Archaeologist and an Ancient Earth Historian. She’s also now the carrier of a very old, very ancient artifact of enormous power. Everyone wants her—well, they want her dead anyway. They want the power she possesses, but she can’t let them get it. Desperation drives her to seek help but no one is willing to risk their life in the job of protecting hers. Or no one did until a mercenary Panther Shifter decides she might be worth the trouble. Now all she has to do is convince the ancient artifact she carries not to kill him for trying to help her.

Axel Rodu is a rogue Panther Shifter and heir to Aylonian throne on Earth. His work for the agency is by special contract only. Even their toughest problems barely keep his boredom at bay. Luckily, it doesn’t matter to him what anyone thinks. Has he earned the name Bad Panther? Depends on who you ask so long as you don’t ask his newest client. Ironically though, Axel has no intentions of using Dr. Sugar Jennings to worsen his reputation. He has one job to do concerning the archaeologist and one job only. Whatever it takes, he’s got to make sure Dr. Jennings stays alive until the artifact is done with her. 

Planned Books – No Dates Yet

These are follow-on series books and other books that I will be working on in the future. Since this is October most will be written in 2019. They do not appear in any order.

I am only working about 3 months ahead at the moment. Check back frequently or sign up for my mailing list.

Once a book has a pre-order and release date assigned, it will move up the page.

Updated: January 2019

 Status Of The NEXT TIME AROUND Trilogy

These stories on my writing list for mid- to late 2019. This will be a trilogy only.

I will re-release Book 1 when Book 2 is near completion and up for pre-order.

While everyone’s reading the first two books, I will work on Book 3.

The first ebook in the series has been temporarily taken down. The print book and audiobook remain up for sale.

No changes are planned to NEXT SONG I SING so you’re still good if you have your copy.