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Information About How My Mailing Lists Work

I am currently using Mailerlite to send emails to you. I support basically two lists there. One group is for Contemporary Books at all heat levels (Steamy, Spicy, Sweet, etc). The other group gets Paranormal (Nano Wolves), Light Paranormal (MMU stories), Science Fiction (Cyborgs, FTS series), and Fantasy (Muses/Mythology). You have the ability to pick only the sub-genre. If you choose to sign up for both lists, then you will get all the emails I send. 

I keep things very simple. I send 1-2 emails a month per group. I send news of promotions that I’m doing with other authors. I occasionally highlight an author friend. Mostly I deliver schedule updates, pre-order notifications, and excerpts from works in progress.   

If you unsubscribe from either group list, I will remove your email from the list. Mailerlite handles this removal. If you ever have any issues, just respond to the email and let me know. 

I work to stay GDPR and legally compliant. I require full opt-in when you sign up. If you do not want to completely opt-in, please do not join my list. Free Books, Giveaways, and Special Promotions are only for full subscribers. I do not spam because I value your information and that you want to hear from me. I take every precaution recommended by my email service provider. I get hundreds of emails myself and understand what that is like

Readers are the reason I write and they mean the world to me. If a reader writes to me (reply to any email), I do my best to answer back. Sometimes this takes me a few weeks, but I enjoy hearing from anyone who’s interested in my stories.

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I am not scheduled for any author/reader conferences yet in 2024. If I do attend, I will send this information out in an email. Sign-up links are on this and every other website page.

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