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I have two primary mailing lists attached to my website. The older, singular signup form worked like Harry Potter’s sorting hat, but it wasn’t the best. Fans of my books know that I write a wide variety of genres and sub-genres. My goal is to not clutter up any reader’s inbox with emails about books they’re not interested in reading. Several years ago I separated these lists and everyone–including me–is happier. This is why I am updating the entire site and my process.

The contemporary books mailing list is a simpler list. The signup form is very minimal. Readers on that list see all news and all releases in that genre regardless of subject matter, series, or heat level. I am transparent with what is included in my contemporary books (and what is not included) because as a reader I hate being surprised by sensitive content that I might not want to read. I always try to warn readers when the books are milder or hotter or spicier than others. I write realistically in this genre and my characters reflect that. My goal in 2021 is to create my own basic rating system on each of my books for language, violence, and sexual content. My contemporary books are mostly romantic comedies.

The paranormal books mailing list is one list as well, but readers are tagged with preferences that help me deliver targeted book info in the best way. The signup form currently allows a reader to pick from three sub-genres of my work (Paranormal, Light Paranormal, and SciFi). The form gives examples of each applicable series by each choice so a reader can quickly identify what they like to read and only hear about those books. I am happy to send everything to everyone (simply pick all three choices). As an example of how I use tagging, I sent news out recently about an upcoming SciFi release that my Light Paranormal readers never saw (unless they elected to hear about all sub-genres).

I work to stay GDPR and legally compliant, so anyone signing up has to check a box agreeing to receive emails from Donna McDonald. If you do not check the box, the subscribe button doesn’t work. I do not spam because I value your information. I take every precaution recommended by my email service provider.

I typically send one or two emails per list per month. They include news about upcoming books, links to excerpts, sometimes personal notes from me, and sometimes book promotions I do with friends (think free books).  A reader is free to unsubscribe from any email list anytime or update their email preferences to change what content they receive. There are links for performing each of these tasks at the bottom of every email sent.

Readers are the reason I write and they mean the world to me. If a reader writes to me (reply to any email), I do my best to answer back. Sometimes this takes me a few weeks, but I enjoy hearing from anyone who’s interested in my stories.

Happy reading,

xoxo Donna


Due to COVID-19, I am not planning any conferences in 2020. 

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