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SERIES: Based on Art of Love series
LENGTH: 75 pages

RELEASE DATE: Feb 25, 2014

eISBN: 978-1-939988-12-6

His Libido Is In Sport Mode, But She’s Set On Cruising Speed

Selling her dead husband’s super-sized Harley is traumatic, but bike shop owner, Kia Anders, knows she needs to let go of the past. The big bike in her garage hasn’t been ridden for a couple years now. It is no more than a symbol of her loss and reminds her of her own lack of usefulness.

When the very large, very excited Mikkel Gunnarsen arrives to buy it, his pleasure in the bike makes the decision to sell to the younger man much easier than she imagined it would be. The same is also true for the decision that ends with Mikkel spending the night in her bed.

Kia knows the blissful moments with Mikkel are only momentary relief, but being with the younger man is certainly inspiring.