Dragon Days, Witch Nights – Available for Pre-Order!

Last year I unpublished a three-book mini-series. It was an obvious spin-off of the Baba Yaga Saga stories, but contractually at the time, it was not allowed to be attached to them. In case you’re wondering if you’ve read them… Zenos, everyone’s favorite firebird, plays a huge part in Book 1 of the series and finds an unexpected white dragon lady love.

You didn’t know about the stories? Not surprising. They never got much traction.

Anyhoo… fast forward to today. I have revised the first story, added in the legitimate relationships to the Baba Yaga Saga characters, and am letting the story be reborn in the amazing Magic and Mayhem Universe where I am hoping it will find its happy place in readers’ hands at last.

So… Dragon Days, Witch Nights (formerly titled All Fired Up) is now Book 1 of My Crazy Paranormal Romance series and will release on June 22. It’s a 50k+ word book that will sell for the bargain price of $2.99. If you’ve never read it, I promise you will find tons of laughter and a couple of wonderful HEAs in it.

If you’re collecting all the stories in the Magic and Mayhem Universe, I swear on the life of the Great Emeritus that I intend to write more in this reborn series so it will not disappear again.

Happy Reading!
~ Donna

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