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Here’s a snippet:

My patience with his wordplay was wearing thin. It was time for him to get to the point before I lost my temper. “Why are ya really here, Rasmus? My husband hasn’t visited me in the whole seven years I’ve been trapped here. No demon hunter but yerself has darkened my door.”

Not bothering to dunk his strainer again, Rasmus pushed his cup of hot water in my direction. “Thanks for the tea, Aran… and you’re right. I came here to make you a deal. If you help us with a demon problem, the council will reduce your sentence.”

Never in a million years would I say yes to that sort of deal because my freedom was non-negotiable. I wanted their acknowledgment of my innocence as much as I wanted my property returned.

“Help ya how and with what?” I asked.

Rasmus blew out a breath before taking in a deeper one. “Demons are showing up in greater numbers than we can destroy. We haven’t been able to locate the Underdark portal where they’re entering this plane of existence. Jack said you might help us if we showed you leniency.”

“He’s right that I could help ya, but ya’ve given me no good reason to yet. And I’m not in the mood to play word games with ya. Offering me leniency when I did nothing wrong is a joke.”

Rasmus glared at me for all he was worth. “Demons are hurting some people and killing others. Why wouldn’t you help us just because it’s the right thing to do?”

I snorted. “Yer words and opinions can’t be trusted. Didn’t ya hear what I said about why I’m here? My husband threatened to kill me and someone else in my family. As if that wasn’t reason enough to hate ya all, one of yer council women stole my personal property. So take yer pick of those reasons, Rasmus. My actual list is much longer, but those are the top reasons why I’ll never agree to help ya for so little gain.”

Rasmus slapped a palm down on the table. “Look, we’ve exhausted all our efforts to find the portal. Twenty-seven demon hunters died last month because we failed. A bigger infestation of demons might be more evil than all magickals working together could eradicate.”

I softly chuckled at his dramatic claims. “Yes, well, I know only what the average magickal does about a demon’s goals, but I’d bet my supply of sweet biscuits this portal problem of yers is limited to this side of the ocean. Do ya know why, Rasmus? Because all other countries in the world have their own methods of dealing with the Underdark. There’s nothing for me in yer offer of alleged leniency except a lot of personal risk. So no thank you. I’ll be returning home as soon as I’m able and leaving ya to solve yer demon problems on yer own.”

Rasmus sighed. “Fine. Name your terms then. I know you have to want something badly enough to help.”

I widened my eyes at the offer. “Seriously? Can ya grant me three wishes like a bloody djinn?”

He spoke through tight lips. “No, but I can take your wishes back to the council and argue that they grant them.”

“Wow. I suppose I’ll have to think about yer generous offer for a few moments then.”

Pretending to think, I rose and walked to get the teakettle again. I carried it back to the table and filled our mugs to the brim with hot water that still steamed. His mug sat unattended, so I played the friendly host. “Do ya want some fresh tea leaves for your strainer, Rasmus?”

He frowned and shook his head. I knew letting him stew would convince him better than words would that I had little interest in his petty offer.

After returning the kettle to the stove, I plucked an amber and black stone from a bowl of crystals on the counter before I turned back to talk. Cradling the stone in my hand, I studied Rasmus and his frown.

“How desperate are ya for me to say yes?”

“Desperate enough to entertain your requests,” he answered, glaring full-out at me.

Snorting at his irritated tone, I crossed my arms. A tingle of excitement crawled over my skin. This could be a chance to get my freedom to-do list done legitimately and in one fell swoop. How could I pass up a chance to make the council restore my freedom and to force Jack to drop his dogged pursuit of killing Conn?

Hope could do a lot to fuel my cooperation.

“Okay, demon hunter. Here are my non-negotiable requests. My familiar, Conn, is forever off-limits as a target for yer kind. Jack personally must swear to abide by that as well. Plus, I want Jack to retrieve my heirloom necklace from yer council and hand it back to me since he was the one who stole it. He owes that much to my Da. Last, of course, it’s only logical for the rest of this bogus incarceration to be dismissed as if it never happened. I want to be a completely free witch.”