My guest author today is a fellow author from the Pets In Space 4 Anthology. Welcome, Tiffany!

We are thrilled to a part of the Pets in Space Anthology this year. It’s an honor to be included among so many amazing sci-fi romance authors, and we had a blast writing our story.

All our books tend to be conceived around their central characters—our process almost always has the characters created and fleshed out first, and then the story is built around them based on who they are and how they mesh together. That was different for Entwined Fates, just as it was for our contribution to Pets in Space 3, because this anthology series forces us to think outside that usual box and make a pet integral to the story.

This year, our pet is a shape-changing robot named Cypher who became very dear to us during this process. Cypher served as the backbone of the love story between our main characters, and he was integral in the evolution of their relationship, providing much-needed support and affection when our characters needed it the most.

That support that is so often provided by the animals we bond with is integral to this anthology series and the charity it supports—Hero Dogs. Pets in Space contributes a portion of its proceeds to Hero Dogs, a non-profit organization that works to train and pair service dogs with veterans and first responders. What’s better than giving back to the people who put their lives on the line to keep us safe every day? Not only does it provide veterans and first responders with dedicated service animals, it allows those dogs to make bonds with their new owners that can run as deep as the romances we write about.

We spend our days writing about far-flung worlds and alien species that sprouted from our imaginations, but the most fulfilling aspect of our work comes through the connections we make with people right here on good old planet Earth. And the support we can provide to Hero Dogs through our contribution to Pets in Space is among the most meaningful of all.

Grab your copy of Pets in Space® 4 today! For a limited time, Pets in Space® 4 brings together today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors to help, a non-profit charity that helps our service veterans and first responders.



Heart racing, Kiara ran down the corridor, keeping one hand on the blaster at her hip. Her crewman, Tekel—a large, brown-furred azhera—ran just ahead of her, while Cypher kept pace at her side.

The Starlight quaked.

Kiara threw out her free hand, catching herself against the frame of an open door. If not for her quick reflexes, she would’ve stumbled face-first into the wall.

“What was that?” she demanded, clinging to the doorframe as she righted herself.

“They just docked with our aft entry hatch,” Umae, the Starlight’s pilot, replied through Kiara’s commlink earpiece.

“Bloody hell!”

Cypher skidded to a halt a few meters away and turned to face Kiara, staring at her with anxious, glowing eyes.

“Are they still blocking your signal, Cyph?” Kiara asked.

Cypher clicked and nodded.

“I want you to go hide and keep trying, got it?”

The inux narrowed his eyes and bared his fangs, clicking angrily as his scales scintillated and flowed like an angry ocean current. Kiara had no doubt that, were Cypher a person, he’d be telling her where she could shove it right now.

“Don’t argue with me, Cypher. If anything happens, you’re our only hope of getting help.”

Cypher growled and stared at Kiara for a few more seconds before releasing a frustrated huff. He darted away.

“They’ve breached the airlock,” Umae said, her husky voice panicked.

“That quickly?” Kiara asked, drawing her blaster.

Tekel was positioned at the closed door ahead of her, his long tail flicking back and forth as he stared through the door’s small viewport. His blaster looked child-sized in his large, clawed hands.

Kiara fell into place opposite Tekel and leaned back against the wall. “How many?”

“Too many,” Captain Mason Snider said through the comms. “Kiara…”

Author Bio

Tiffany Roberts is the pseudonym for Tiffany and Robert Freund, a husband and wife writing duo who write sci-fi and fantasy romance, creating happily-ever-afters for the alien and unknown.