Bruce and I attended opening night of the TED 2016 DREAM conference in Vancouver, Canada via a local theater.  TED talks are informative, thought provoking, and can be inspiring. Chosen speakers bring the best of their work and ideas forward to share with their listeners. The following twenty minutes from Shonda Rhimes is awesome and one of those I will play over and over.

Everybody–even writers who love their work like I do–burn out sometimes. We lose what Shonda Rhimes calls our “hum”. We lose our motivation. After six years and thirty-five books, I finally understand that my creativity is not an endless flowing well, especially if I empty it out faster than it refills itself naturally. Now as I am looking for the motivation to write the next book, I realized I am waiting for the hum. Rhimes’s suggestion to play more is the best one I’ve heard in a long time.