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Like most authors, I’m on many social media sites, and I do this blog, but every week I get emails from readers who didn’t know about some of my books. One title notification can get lost among the posts, tweets, and pins of everyday life. The only sure way I’ve found to make sure readers keep updated is to send out announcement newsletters. Nothing else is even half as reliable.


Now I know it’s a pain to have extra email. I easily get 200 pieces a day. More and more I sift through them and banish most to computer folder oblivion, though I do go back through those over time just to check if I’ve missed anything.  I decided if a reader signed up to get an email from me then I would try my best to may it worthwhile even if they had already seen the info elsewhere. The special giveaways advertised in the newsletter are ONLY for newsletter subscribers. When a entry is chosen, we check to make sure that person is active on the list before we award the ebook, print book, audiobook, or gift certificate mentioned in the giveaway.

I do not sell addresses or spam. I do occasionally send more than one newsletter a month when there are special promotions or new releases.  If you have any questions, please write and let me know. Thanks for considering.

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