Hi Eve. Thanks for letting me interview you!


What’s the inside scoop on the book you’re promoting in the sale? Tell us what’s special about it and if it’s part of a series.

Hybrid Misfit is a fun mash of romantic comedy, with erotic romance and a whole lot of paranormal fun. It is book one of a three book series. Siren Misfit is coming this December. And Bunny Misfit next March. If you like a giggle with your steam, then check out the stripper who specials genes might just change the world.

If you could have dinner with someone (dead, alive, fictional or real) who would it be and why?

Um, does that mean I have to socialize? LOL. Any of my author peeps are my fave for dinner because you never know what strange idea we’ll start discussing.

What’s your favorite writing ritual?

Quiet. I like no noise–lol.

Anything you want to tell the readers?

May your snorts be strong enough to soak your tablet.


Some fun fast facts about Eve . . . 

What’s your favorite color?   Red

What show did you last binge-watch? Leftovers

Are you a beer or wine person? Neither. Water. If it must be booze then tequila.

What food helps your writing mojo? Salty, crunchy snacks. Used to be chips, now it’s the protein version.

What paranormal species is your fav to write? The moose because his rack is sooooo big.

Are your a book plotter or a pantser? Pantser

Are you a fan of boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs 

Who’s your favorite band or singer? Nine Inch Nails


Meet the Author 

Eve Langlais is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author.

Readers around the world have declared her books laugh-out-loud funny.

She offers paranormal and science fiction romance, usually with a twist and very alpha heroes.

She currently lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children.

You can find Eve at www.evelanglais.com.