Hi Renee. Thanks for letting me interview you!


What’s the inside scoop on the book you’re promoting in the sale? Tell us what’s special about it and if it’s part of a series.

Gone With The Minion is about kicking demon butt, saving the family, and falling in love, and kicking more demon butt. It’s part of the Madder Than Hell series, and it follows the Madder sisters as they try to navigate their jobs as minions while trying to do the right thing. And the men are pretty to look at, too.

What’s your favorite writing ritual?

I don’t know that I have a favorite ritual unless it’s drinking copious amounts of black coffee. That, and writing, “The End.”

If you could have dinner with someone (dead, alive, fictional or real) who would it be and why?

Dean Winchester. We would eat pie!

Anything you want to tell the readers?

Never leave toilet paper where the cats can reach it, unless you like wiping with confetti. And, on a less serious note, thank you, Readers! Without you, what would be the point?


Some fun fast facts about Renee . . . 

What’s your favorite color?   Green

What show did you last binge-watch? The Doctor Blake Mysteries Seasons 4 & 5 on BritBox

Are you a beer or wine person? Beer (if I have to choose one)

What food helps your writing mojo? Assorted nuts

What paranormal species is your fav to write? Shifters

Are your a book plotter or a pantser? Plantser – (I try to plot but then it ends up in a big ol’ pantsing mess.)

Are you a fan of boxers or briefs? I’m a fan of the man wearing them.

Who’s your favorite band or singer? I don’t really listen to music much. But if I could only hear one group/singer for the rest of my life, I would pick Queen/ Freddie Mercury.


Meet the Author 

USA Today Bestselling author Renee George writes paranormal mysteries and romances because she loves all things whodunit, Otherworldly, and weird.

Also, she wishes her pittie, the adorable Kona Princess Warrior, and her beagle, Josie the Incontinent Princess, could talk. Or at least be more like Scooby-Doo and help her unmask villains at the haunted house up the street.

When she’s not writing about mystery-solving werecougars or the adventures of a hapless psychic living among shapeshifters, she is preyed upon by stray kittens who end up living in her house because she can’t say no to those sweet, furry faces. (Someone stop telling them where she lives!)

She resides in Mid-Missouri with her family and spends her non-writing time doing really cool stuff…like watching TV and cleaning up dog poop.

You can find Renee at www.romance-the-night.com.