Jezibaba Saga

Collection 1, books 1-3

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LENGTH: 3 books in 1 File

RELEASE DATE: April 28, 2019

Isn’t there more to her life than just being the Jezibaba? She’s supposed to be retired.

Now you can get all three Jezibaba Saga spin-off stories in one convenient paranormal romance collection.

You’ll laugh at these witchy romantic comedies even if Elenora the Dragoness doesn’t join in. And speaking of dragons… Professor Hottie has some serious mating plans that get them into trouble with the Dragon Council.

Book 1 – All Fired Up

Dragon? Witch? Elenora still doesn’t know, but the chaos the former Jezibaba calls her life has everyone all fired up again. Looks like her witchy retirement is going to have to wait.

Book 2 – Not Fairy Common

She’s purple. She flies. She’s the future fairy queen. Jezibaba learns that her favorite warlock, Nathaniel, is half-fairy and half-in-love with Princess Leelu who’s dying. It’s going to take some serious magic to solve their problems. Some awesome rhyming trolls make this a crazy paranormal romance.

Book 3 – A Howling Success

Even if there’s nothing worth howling about in her life, pack healer Moona knows in her heart that she’s a wolf. That’s why she’s making the former Jezibaba keep her promise to help her discover why she’s never been able to shift. Jezibaba is digging deep to uncover the secrets of Moona’s past and finds out the current pack is Moona’s mate.

All Fired UP
A Howling Success
A Howling Success