More Hilarious Witch and Dragon Stories 

These books are being written as part of the awesome Love Spells collection.

What is Love Spells? Love Spells is light paranormal romance with lots of laughs.

science fiction romance, military, space opera, sexy aliens, paranormal, action and adventure, literature and fiction

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Releases March 29

not fairy common

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Released April 26

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Released May 31

Read The Series That Spawned The Jezibaba Baba Saga…

how to train a witch cover

 How To Train A Witch

Baba Yaga Saga, Book 1


how to date a dragon

 How To Date A Dragon

Baba Yaga Saga, Book 2


to yaga or not to yaga

 To Yaga Or Not To Yaga

Baba Yaga Saga, Book 3