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Read a Snippet from Blood Witch: Replicated
When the blood transfusion didn’t change me into her, I knew they would be angry again at their failure… and at me for not being what they wanted.

My death at their hands, if they chose to kill me for their disappointment, wouldn’t mean anything more to them than any of the other twelve Replicates they’d disposed of before me. Their deaths at my hands, though, would mean I’d avenged my Original and set myself free. More importantly, it would mean they would never, ever have her magic. I would make sure of it.

I plotted as the blood flowed out of my body. They hadn’t tied me down because they believed they had my compliance.

I felt both guilt and excitement as they pumped Sister Andrea’s blood into me. The light inside me began to glow with her power. I let it take me over and bided my time until they had given me every single drop.

When I rose from the table, my eyes were glowing with magic that I didn’t yet know how to use. Power danced in my veins though. It was obvious. Everyone in the room saw me and cheered, too lost in their pride to realize what I’d become.

“What are you doing?” the woman asked as I walked to her.

“I am doing what I wanted to do hours ago and what I promised Sister Andrea that I would do,” I said and knocked her to the floor. She raised her head in shock and wiped the blood from her nose. Her glare only gave me more incentive for my task.

I walked to the lab door and twisted the handle off to make sure no one entered. If one managed to contact a guard, they would never get in—not in time. I would have to break it later to get out, but that would be worth the damage to my hands. I healed exceptionally fast and the extra strength they gave me should make these cerebral human targets fairly easy to dispose of.

No one stopped me as I dragged the now begging woman to the empty medical table. I strapped her into the exact place I’d risen from. The scientists huddled in a corner trying to strategize about how to stop me.

I turned her head as I strapped her down to make sure she had a prime view of Sister Andrea’s lifeless body. Once she was secured, I leaned over her. “You might have helped make me, but I have always been hers. I was never yours. Think about your failure as you die,” I whispered in her ear.

Then I went after each of the scientists who’d done her bidding without questioning the evil of it. In their deaths, I wanted to send a message to all scientists, to this organization, and to the murderer who had been too cowardly to show up today. Dr. Zanibel would one day face my wrath and pay for his destruction of Sister Andrea too.

But first, before I killed Zanibel, I would destroy every achievement in the world he ever created. I would destroy his labs and set his experiments free. I would make the people he worked for worry about their fates. The blood flowing in my veins was all I had left of my Original now. My time for revenge against those who’d created me had finally come.

cover of Blood Witch Replicated

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The stories I write for Kindle Vella are brand new and written specifically for this serial episode format. Does that mean they will never be a book? No. Does that mean they will be a book in a few months? Also no. I will finish the episodes, and then I will wait approximately two months for all KV story followers to get a chance to read them. This is the gist of Amazon’s rule. To make them into a book, you must have finished the story in KV and have taken all episodes down. 

Why am I putting some of my books in Kindle Vella? Because readers are the reason I write and I want to reach all the readers I can. The idea of readers only paying for what they read appeals to me. The other reason is that it gives me an opportunity to write something different from my usual work.

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