Matchmaker Abduction

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True love was said to defy time, but could it survive space, aliens, and being abducted? Angus MacNamara and Erin O’Shea are about to find out.

The big blue planet that most called Earth desperately needed matchmakers. Or at least the Earth in Universe 1 did. Protection agreements with many powerful alien cultures relied on providing brides to each planet’s chosen males. It was a delicate task to send females on a one-way trip away from their home.

New Earth—Earth prime of all universes—was not as advanced as their people had believed. They had faced near annihilation from their first ever alien attack. Such a travesty could not be allowed to happen again. If Universe 1 ended, so would the other 11 or 12 or however many there were based on it. Universe hopping was still too new to be sure.

There was only one small—okay, BIG—problem. No one wanted the alien dating service job. The original matchmakers were dead, and much worse, their DNA was no longer viable for cloning. Their children were not interested. They’d left no one behind.

Solution? Go back in time to some of Earth’s other—thankfully slower spinning—versions, and retrieve the alternates of the one couple in any universe who seemed able to do the job.

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About The Series

The Aliens In Kilts series is spoofy, and silly, and yes, I’m making fun of alien abductions, as well as every other SciFi trope out there. Sorry Whovians, Trekkies, those who have the Force strong within them. My Irish hero and heroine have no idea about any of that. They are ground up technophobes.

I can’t really fully explain the humor in these books, but if you like movies like Galaxy Quest, Spaceballs, or more recently Guardians of the Galaxy, then you’re probably going to like this series. I’m writing more so I hope someone out there has a sense of humor like mine. I would love for this series to live long and prosper.

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SERIES: Aliens In Kilts

LENGTH: 61,000 words, 244 pages

RELEASE DATE: March 13, 2017