Morgan’s Mistake

Based On The Next Time Around Series


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SERIES: Based on Next Time Around Series


RELEASE DATE: July 2, 2015 (Formerly released, August 2011)

Morgan Reed doesn’t make mistakes. Not in his work. Not in his personal life. But that was before he met Thea Carmichael.

When a gunshot wound puts him on extended medical leave, 44 yr old fraud investigator, Morgan Reed, decides to recuperate in sunny Sedona where he grew up. Within his first few days back home, he learns his 72 yr old father has become a local Lothario. Unfortunately, he also learns his father is being scammed for money by one of the females in his life.

All the evidence is pointing in one direction and Morgan feels compelled to find out the truth. Investigating local restaurant owner, Althea Carmichael, gets even more complicated when he discovers how badly he wants his father’s friend to be innocent.

NOTE ABOUT THIS TITLE **** This book was previously released under the title “The Right Thing”. From that version of this book, the Next Time Around series emerged. A secondary character—Thea’s cousin Ryan Carmichael—will soon appear as a hero in the Next Time Around series. Ryan and Emma’s story is scheduled for Book 3. To give this story a little lift in the world, I am re-releasing it with an updated cover which reflects its relationship to the Next Time Around series. Since I was going to all the trouble to update the cover, I also changed the title to one I have wanted this story to have for years now—lol.