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Was it necessary for an entire task of the prophecy to be about me making amends? 

With four tasks of the Doomsday Prophecy solved and five more to go, I need time some time off to rest and recharge before tackling task five. My goddess power is dwindling daily. Signs of mortal aging are warning me that my goddess days may be nearing their Mortal Realm end.

Should I admit failure to the Fates and beg for help from them? That’s never happening. Or at least it’s not happening until I’ve run out of other options.

I’m not sure what other goddesses would do in my situation, but I’m taking my dragon champion and heading to Rome for a break.

Who knows? Maybe I’m just tired. So what if I can’t make a portal and have to ask a magical friend to do it for me? A visit to my secret treasure vault in Rome will hopefully be worth swallowing that much of my pride. 

My mortal sins are few. My goddess sins are many. Maybe a walk down memory lane is long overdue.