Genre = Contemporary Romance, Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy

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LENGTH: 42k words, 186 pages

She wasn’t Cupid, but she had her ways. There was nothing better than finding her clients their perfect match.

Everything in her life was perfectly fine until the moment Dr. Mariah Bates quit her celebrity job to start a matchmaking business. Two years, a cheating ex, and a very ugly divorce later, she’s suddenly homeless and living with her mother. Of course, that wasn’t about money as much as it was about getting over the shock. None of this was how she’d pictured her life at forty.

Her handsome, yet still angry, cop ex-husband seems to be doing everything he can to kill her business. He’s even got his more handsome, and even sexier, new partner following her around. Detective John Monroe says he’s protecting her and her interests, but how can she believe him? The last thing she needs is another nosy cop screwing up her life.

She’s done running and tired of worrying. She wants control of her life back. So what’s it going to take to find out the truth about what’s going on?


The essence of all romantic comedy is that falling in love and navigating an unexpected romance is never easy or simple. Instead, it’s messy and emotional, and if you’re lucky, it’s also sexy and fun.

Some relationship professionals, like my character of Dr. Mariah Bates in this series, sincerely want to help people find their perfect love match. For the various heroines I’ve created, many of whom are older, Mariah’s going to need all the help she can get. Or maybe she just needs to step out of the way. You can be the judge.

NOTE ABOUT THE HEAT LEVEL:  Not being a fan of the word “clean” when applied to romance, I will instead say the heat level in this new series is in the 1-2 range, rather than 3-4 like some of my others. The focus is on sensuality and I’ve packed a lot into these stories.

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Never Is A Very Long Time Cover