Never Too Late Collection 1, Books 1-4

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RELEASE DATE: March 4, 2017

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-1-939988-00-3

PRINT ISBN-13: Not in print yet

NEVER TOO LATE Collection 1 contains Books 1-4 of the Never Too Late Series under one cover. Let the laugh out loud stories of Alexa, Regina, Lauren, and Jenna convince you that it really is never too late to find romance and love.


At 50, Alexa Ranger has no intentions of dating 35 yr Casey Carter and becoming his ‘cougar’. Her life is already talk-show worthy enough. More drama would definitely be a bad idea. But it’s hard to keep saying no when Casey’s kisses remind her that she’s still got a lot of sexual life left to live. Will his persistence wear her down?


At 47, Dr. Regina Logan has no illusions about her love life. She is used to men being intimidated by both her job as a sex therapist and her boldness. Why should 50 yr widower, Ben Kaiser, be any different? Regina doesn’t even blame Ben for regretting their kisses after he learns her identity. Ben is a nice guy—too nice for someone like her. She just wishes Ben’s kisses were more forgettable so she could stop wanting him.


All 42 yr old Lauren McCarthy wants is for 42 yr old Jim Gallagher to tell her the truth about his non-existent wife. Then she can decide if their make-out session in Alexa’s garden is something she should regret—or try to make happen again. Jim is the first man since her divorce that stirs desire in her. Even Regina thinks Jim is a good guy. So why can’t Jim tell her why he keeps saying no to her?


Like mother, like daughter? Or will Jenna Ranger give up on love and romance? Jenna admits to having her fair share of faults, but Seth is far from being the perfect man. No rational woman would want to invest in a relationship with someone who so obviously loves his cell phone more than he does her. How can she let herself love someone who chooses his work over everything else?

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