Genre = Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Over 30 Romance

The NEVER TOO LATE series characters are older, successful, mostly okay with their lives, and yet on the brink of starting over. Things have happened to them that color their judgments about life. They often hate getting older. Cancer hits a loved one. Their jobs end. Still, life goes on somehow. Good thing too, or we would all be in a lot of trouble in this world. I don’t dwell on how they handle the trauma. That’s for another type of book. Instead, I wanted to focus on the fact that they survive and later thrive by finding love and happiness despite their setbacks.

** These books fit the current definition of Women’s Fiction, but I haven’t categorized as such because the focus of the story is at least 50% of each plot. They are about family, friends, and how life changes require a woman to often rethink her life. And of course, there is a ton of humor in them because sometimes you have to laugh.