Genre = Contemporary Romance, Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy

Never Try To Explain

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LENGTH:  48,900 words, 250 pages

All she wanted was a friend. What’s wrong with that?

It’s Della’s fault Greg Skyler got the wrong idea. Jellica is sticking with that theory. If she’d wanted more than friendship, she’d have picked one of the guys on her list to date instead of insisting Della see if Greg wanted to spend time with her.

Sure Jellica felt a smidge guilty for the money Greg spent on their initial date, but what did a man who wore sweater vests expect from a woman who wears crystals, burns sage, and teaches yoga? The two of them were never going to be the romance of the century. In fact, they have absolutely nothing in common. So why is Greg acting so shocked to hear she wants only to be friends?

Then Jellica finds out Greg’s hiding granite muscles under his ugly clothes. Plus he’s kind to the boys and doesn’t chastise her for… well, for anything really. He just listens and cares and keeps trying to kiss her.

Since the idea of exploring those granite muscles of his intrigues her,  Jellica lets him into her life… as a friend to help her… and okay, she let him kiss her too because—wow, Mr. Sweater Vest can really kiss.

Who would have guessed they’d have such chemistry? Not her, that’s for sure, but she’s starting to think being friends with benefits might be a good idea. Greg isn’t a typical Prince Charming, but his kisses are certainly waking her Sleeping Beauty butt up.

Just when things are starting to look promising, her bullying ex-husband shows up out of blue to threaten her. To say she’s stunned by his accusations about Greg is an understatement. What kind of man has she been kissing? Jellica starts to realize that the good guy she’s a bit more than friends with now might also be a bad guy in disguise.

Before her mind can sort it out, Greg’s sister is stalking her, his mother becomes her lawyer, and Greg starts bossing her around. She needs to meditate on her loss of control and make some firm decisions before her ex-husband does something stupid she has to kill him for. Or Greg does something that sends her friends after him. Trudy’s sharpening her knives and Georgia’s polishing her gun.

Being her normal woo-woo self isn’t going to fix this. Greg needs to stop invading her space and stop doing whatever it is that’s making her ex so mad at her.


The essence of all romantic comedy is that falling in love and navigating an unexpected romance is never easy or simple. Instead, it’s messy and emotional, and if you’re lucky, it’s also sexy and fun.

Some relationship professionals, like my character of Dr. Mariah Bates in this series, sincerely want to help people find their perfect love match. For the various heroines I’ve created, many of whom are older, Mariah’s going to need all the help she can get. Or maybe she just needs to step out of the way. You can be the judge.

NOTE ABOUT THE HEAT LEVEL:  Not being a fan of the word “clean” when applied to romance, I will instead say the heat level in this new series is in the 1-2 range, rather than 3-4 like some of my others. The focus is on sensuality and I’ve packed a lot into these stories.

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